The husband had to attend a close family function and flew off to India for a couple of weeks. And, oh, he took Paapu along too.

It took a day or two to sink in that…that I am SINGLE right now! :D God, it feels like ages since I have had all this time to myself!

Want to know how Paapu is managing without me and how am I managing without them?  Here is a little description -



She fiddles  around the toys alone, then smiles at a bunch of kids outside. In matter of minutes she is seen jumping animatedly with a dozen children all of different size but the same spirit.

She cringes a little when stones press against the tiny naked feet, but proceeds undeterred. By evening she is covered in a layer of brown mud and barefoot running is a cake walk (pun intended)

Out and about being a brat

She chatters non stop, some things make sense, most do not. Ask her ‘who is your friend?’ and she can answer it for straight 10 minutes non-stop. You may even hear a dog, a tree, a bike, a TV and books in the list.

She cannot have enough of the two sets of grandparents doting on her. “Thaata-Paati! she cries out at times ‘Ajja-Ajji!’ during others and they spare no seconds to come rushing to ask ‘Yes, Paapu?’

She meets her Maava (my bro) and is intimidated by his height and gait, but realizes he is tame anyway. Soon the Maava is seen carrying her on his back singing an elephant song around the house.

She is bathed by one, dressed by another, fed by yet another before she runs away, only to return red like a tomato, sweaty and tired. The routine is repeated all over again many times, until the sun goes down.

She is sleepy and her eyes are droopy, but she will not give in since there is so much more to play! She kicks and cries when the toys are taken away, but falls asleep on one of the shoulders soon anyway.

Leading the gang on a catamaran at the beach



I Read – Books are being devoured hungrily as if rare commodity. Fiction, Mystery, Science and some Erotica too. Ahem.

I Write – Long hearty emails, one by the dozen comments on Facebook, and a blog post too. These count as writing too, don’t they? ;)

I Run – Couple of miles on a weekday, much more on weekends. What luxury to tie up the running shoes and take the trail when the heart pleases!

Not a recent pic, but quite apt :)

I Party – A birthday here, a movie night there, a surprise bash here, a get-together there. Think feathers, fire dancers, cocktails and mini dresses.Returning home at 4 AM never felt so good.

I Connect – Calling up, chatting, meeting and spending time connecting with friends feels so easy when you have no cooking, laundering and dish washing to do everyday :D

I Work – Finishing up long pending tasks with vengeance, never mind the few extra hours sitting late in office.

I Sleep – NOT. I smell the little Paapu dress tucked near the pillow. It smells of her, the day she left to the airport. I look at our bedside family pic and kiss the hubby in there. I roll on the empty bed and try hard to catch some sleep, while it plays hard to get.


Four days more and I shall transform into a busy mom and a hard working wifey back again :P If you know my number and live close by call me and I might just join you for a drink or a coffee or a movie or all three :D

What say?

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