Have to start.

Spent atleast 3 minutes thinking of a suitable title for my first blog entry here.
Oh, wait …did I not spend atleast 3 months thinking of starting a blog ?!

Hmm. So, here it is.
Welcome to Me..TADAA !

I wish to think out loud in this space – about anything that is gnawing my head ..which, err.. is almost every day.

I am deeply driven by emotions and not-a-thing , NOTHING has a non-sensible perspective in my opinion.So, expect a lot of emotional spillage here –

Not just Joy and Bliss but Tears and Anxiety too.
Not just Love and Lust but  Angst and Hatred too.

Not just Content and Peace but Worry and Frustration too.
Not just Kind and Convinced but Hard and Stubborn too.

I wish to share and pour all here..and I wish to make it a habit.

And that, I think, is gonna be a great way of having a rendezvous with my self..


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One Response to Have to start.

  1. liza says:

    Great blog 🙂

    and congrats on your baby. God bless you both and keep you three safe.!
    Me: Hey, Thank you Liza!
    Thanks much more for the nice wishes 🙂

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