The Good Night Kiss

Every single night that I remember,of being with him, yesterday was the wierdest.

He has never ever slept without cuddling me up and kissing me a good night..

There were nights when he was damn tired ( work or travel or anything), there were nights when we had just had a bad fight and were totally pissed off with each other, there were nights when there were a 100 other things that ran in his brain ( causing short circuits and sparks, often, ofcourse) and kept him engrossed – But…never a night when he fell asleep without holding me tight and kissing me a good night…

..except yesterday.

It was a normal night, when none of us were sooo tired , or engrossed in thoughts or had fought so bad ( we did..hmm..but yeah, not as bad as it could have been), and I was very much ready to get burried in his arms and blissfully cuddle up in that warm position, remain there until kissed good night.But, I waited..and waited..eye closed and just pretending. Smiling in sheer anticipation .. sure that he is simply making me wait ..whenever I heard a tiny sound of movement.

I think I waited for a long time..before thoughts started to become hazy and wiry and mixed up ..until I woke up today morning.

SIGH.That was NOT a good feeling when I recalled the night.Nothing was ‘wrong’..but nothing felt so right either !

He was his usual self in the morning…Running to me and kissing a good morning et all.

‘ Why did you not hold me for a ‘good night’ yesterday?’.

‘I did not?.Hmm..lemme think..Hmm’ ( looking up while scrathing the new stub)

“Yes, You did NOT. Why?’

‘Maybe you were watching TV while I went to bed..’

‘Noooooo.We slept together!!!!’ ( making a face to convey -How could you forget that too !!)

‘Oh. Okay..Yes….I just fell asleep’ ( with a ‘have-no-idea’ smile)


That felt wierd.It still feels. Do I need to worry?
I think no, but I do need to hold him tighter from tonight.


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One Response to The Good Night Kiss

  1. Ash says:

    ha..ha… yeah i know that feeling

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