Few hours to 2008

Hey 2007,

You gave me a lot, almost all that I hoped from you.
My complaints are very few and am thankful for the way you passed by graciously.

Few hours to bid you good bye and welcome your successor, the new year.
I have a small list of goals set for 2008.
Yes, a small list..but the items are big, REAL BIG..BIG that they make me shiver a bit, just to think of them happening.
I know all of it is in my hands though..and ofcourse the will of nature.

(Pleeeease..god, let me have the luck, the strength and the will to achieve all my goals for 2008.
They are surely most precious and awaited-for than any other goals I have ever set for myself in my entire life..till date.)

And yes, I sincerely pray that 2008 sees much less, if not none –
violance, war, poverty and hunger in the world.


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