New year’s far.

The new year started off with lot of dancing, games, talking ( read blabbering), meeting new faces ( interesting ones) and feeling ‘nice’ 🙂The party rocked!..and lasted till 6 in the morning. ( I guess that is the most late I have been in a party, ever).

As for the new faces, I met this guy who was so enthusiastic on the dance floor, so so full of energy and zest..he amazed me.He amazed me more when I got to know from a friend that he has just sold his startup to a giant, over a multi million dollar deal.He hence just spends all his time having fun now.Retired with a monster check, at the age of 32.

Ah, beauty !

On second thoughts, I would be bored with life if I have achieved and earned enough so early.Its always about ‘looking forward’ for anew achievement..atleast for me.

And, yeah..perhaps the ‘grapes are sour’ too 😉

On an other note, have been doing enough good, health wise – morning runs, healthy green choices to eat,biking..

Baby, do I feel fit or what?!

Got back to painting after a gap of over 2 years..and pleased to know that am still not out of touch.Its that feeling of self contained harmony with yourself, for those few hours with the paint and the canvas.Time doesn’t seem to matter, neither does hunger.

Have never been able to control hunger anytime otherwise. People – Cranky girl gets crankier when her tummy is growling.Beware.

I surely wish this ‘nice’ feeling remains and lingers to continue. .

Oh, yes.



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