Don’t say that !

Me: ( voraciously gulping the steaming hot uttappam dipped in coconut chutney ) Hey, I have been doing the morning runs for many days now. Why do I still not feel thinner ?

Him: ( not taking off his eyes from the spicy rasam vada he is having) Oh, come on .You have hardly run a few days now.

Me: What ‘few’ days? I have been running for more than 3 weeks now..

Him: No way. You started recently.

Me: ( slightly irritated) How can you say that? I think I have definitely covered atleast 30 miles by now. .counting 3-4 miles per run and 5 miles on weekends.

Him: Nyaah.Less than 20, I think.

Me: ( more irritated now) I started running from <day mention> and then doing it regularly twice a know that!

Him: totally how many days does that come to? ( calculates in head)…9 days

Me: ( rolls eyes with a ‘didn’t-I-tell-you?’ look) That is more than 30 miles.

Him: (Slows down eating) Don’t look at me like that. I think you will murder me some day ..

Me: ( silently eating and not talking for the next 2 minutes)

Those last words from him felt painful. He said it seriously, not as joke..maybe with a purpose of hurting me. Because they did, very much.

I love him. A LOT.My everyday prayers mention his health and well being.

I did keep silent in those last 2 minutes. Actually my heart was saying ” Don’t say that ! I would kill myself before I think of murdering you. I really love you dear, I do”



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