Anniversary – One more.

We complete 4 years of togetherness today.

Based on last year’s experience, I hardly expected more than, hmm..a flower from him.

And, maybe a card.

I was so very sure he would be least prepared to wish me back when I presented to him a bright new shirt and a warm wooleny sweater.Infact, I believed it in my head.

Oh, how wrong was I !  (And how happy that I was)

That belief in my head shattered and melted down to a sweet guilty feeling when I woke up to a gorgeous arrangement of:

  • A teddy bear holding a card
  • A red heart shaped box full of chocolates
  • Fresh smelling flowers – not plucked out..still intact in a pot of moist mud.
  • A string tied to the flowers which held a shiny red balloon that said “I Love U”
  • A light pinkish coffee mug with two tiny hearts on the inside. . entwined together.

All that surrounded by a fort of lit candles 🙂

Hey, you – How do you succeed to overwhelm me with love for you, when I least expect !

Mushy..yes, that was how I exactly felt/feel. Pathetically mushy.

And, to top it all he then presented me with a bright red wool coat with a velvety black inside – the one I was looking since many weeks, but failed to find.

Happy Anniversary to you dear.

I never tell you this, but I know that you are the luckiest thing that happened to me and you are actually the ‘better’ of the two halves.

Wish to celebrate  the 40th anniversary with you one day – with same zeal,  same joy and same pride..



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One Response to Anniversary – One more.

  1. daisy says:

    OMG- I commented on another post too- have been finding too many similarities between you and me 🙂 I had a baby in feb 2010 too.. I got married on Jan 24th ( well close enough na) :).. and we live in CA too ( from your accounts you live in the bay area too) :P:P

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