MC Pig

A bunch of us colleagues are having lunch at the cafeteria.This guy ( let us call him ‘MCP’) is on some topic and starts talking about the division of labor in a household.He advocates that the men are meant to work and the women are meant to ‘take care of the house’.If anything in this setup changed, people would ‘loose a lot in life’. ( exact words).

What the ???!!!

I debated, quoting all those women out there who manage a good balance between house and work.I quoted my mother too.She was/is a working women, a good wife to my father, a loving mom to me.What did we ‘loose’?

MCP: Maybe, but usually men cannot manage home like the way women do.All men want to come back home from work and just relax.

Me: Might be true. But, I have seen my father not sitting for a minute even when he is just back from office.

He starts doing his laundry, or picks up some other work and is just as contributing to the household work as my mom!

MCP: He does laundry?

Me: Yes. Actually, he does his own laundry. He likes doing his things, not burdening anyone.

MCP: Wow, Why didn’t YOU do his laundry? ( makes sarcastic face)

Me: What?!

MCP: You are the other woman of the house.If your mother is busy, you should have done the household work.Why did the man of the house do it?

Me: Know what? I was a dumbhead to have got into this debate with an MCP like you.

MCP: what’s that – MCP?

Me: Male Chauvinist Pig – YOU. ( I Walk Off)

Fucking Chauvinist , that man. I dread to think there are several like that out there – boasting supremacy of their gender ( WTF!)

Arrrrrrrrrrgh, I wish his wife gave him a black eye power punch when he says ” Do the laundry,woman” next time.



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