What a steal !

Each one out there deserves a “Me Time”.

You know what I mean – the time when you are with nobody else but yourself. No spouse, parents, siblings or friends – not even those whose presence comforts you normally.

This urge of being all alone yourself, doing the simple things you like and spending a quite evening – I get this urge every now and then.

So, why not just do it? Now, that’s the question I hate to answer.

Hubby does not believe in “Me Time” !

“It’s  Bull..*”, he says.

Maybe true with him..but hello, I am not you.

He still does not understand and hardly makes any effort to understand.
Okay, when I don’t get the  “Me Time” by direct means, I steal.
Last weekend, one of our common friends invited us over for a lunch and just a hang out. But, I was in a different mood. I asked him to go ahead without me.

“Why?? Why aren’t you coming?” ( total surprise )

“Yeah, I need some time myself. Moreover, we just spent so much time with them few days back”

“Is this about having spent time already?!”  ( Brings a ridicule on the face)

“Not really, I just..”

“You are coming.”

“No, I..I was thinking of getting out my canvas today. Have plans to paint”

“Oh..Hmmm.You sure?”


That was easy.

I spent a good amount of time reading, browsing, watching old albums, munching little goodies, humming my favorite songs..”

It was fun !

Then came a phone call from him :

” Hey, how is your painting coming along?”


“I am starting in about 10 minutes and will be there before 7 ”


Wow, that was close.

I hurried to get out my paint and canvas.Oh, how I love  it when in the right mood and mind set.Alas! this was not one of those times.This time, it was nothing more than a means of pretext..

Not a thing came up in the mind.So I started on a scene of sunrise..literally forcing myself to start at it!

He came back and saw me busy ( at least I looked like I was).

After an hour, I completed , not surprisingly, my worst work so far on the canvas. I hated it.

It was time for dinner and I went to him “Let’s have dinner”

“You are done with the painting?”

“Uh..yes.But, I tore it up”

“What?! Why?You spend all this time and effort and then tear it ? You could have spent that time with friends instead!”


Well, I had a nice evening  😉




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One Response to What a steal !

  1. Broom says:

    I really believe that we all need some space from the world to ourselves.
    My ex used to tell me that “Space” was a Western concept!

    Me: Hi there, thanx for stopping by!

    Actually, he used to bring in that term too, but now he atleast says ‘I’ don’t believe in it.
    Many times I just think he is kidding!

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