My Best Friend’s wedding !

Believe it or not people – this did happen!

The tag I drafted yesterday asks me to list  “10 Things You Wish You Could Say To People Right Now ” and I wrote this addressing my best friend Ak:

“I wish you find your life partner soon.. friend”

Today , I get this email from her titled,  “Good news”.

Yes, she is getting married, as soon as next week !!!

Woo..Talk about co-incidence..or was there somebody up there who actually listened to me ???

* Smiles and makes a warm snuggle posture *

Ak – I have not met him yet, but your story tells me he has a sincere heart and will always keep you happy.

A man who can shed tears when he is going away from you..

A man who can patiently spend years waiting for you..

A man who is gentleman enough to come and ask your parents to permit taking you as his bride..

Ofcourse, he is the right one for you sweetheart !

And hey, I am sorry..sorry..very sorry to be so far away during all this. I will royally miss out all of it -shopping with you, the celebrations, the teasing and the good times  * Sob Sob * 😦

Happy for ya anyways dearie.

Have a Rocking married life !

Welcome aboard 🙂


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