All that over alcohol

Ever cheerful and talkative, I would ALWAYS find ‘PP’ laughing or smiling, heartily.With a  beautiful face, big black eyes with extra long eye lashes, she  never had to try hard to attract attention.

One more thing that made PP unique was undoubtedly her innocence..almost sharing borders with dumbness.Yes, she was the pampered little baby in her family of 5, but it seemed like she had never even heard things like – hatred, mistrust or dishonesty.Drinking or flirting were alien in her world.

Everything was a part of a charming fairy tale – where all was WHITE, nothing like BLACK or even GREY existed.

Then, one day, she got married to ‘RH’- The one whom her parents chose for her; the one whom she admired not just for the looks but for the qualities; the one with whom she readily fell in love.

RH was a wonderful person.He spoke softly, spoke sensibly and behaved equally well.He was caring and showered her with love .

PP and RH were happy together, as a couple.

But, then…one day this all WHITE story became stained .
PP discovered that RH drinks! How could her prince charming be anything less than perfect? How could he be drinking?? That is sooo wrong!!!

She tried so very hard to rid him from his drinking.She accompanied him wherever he went, kept an eye on him like an eagle on the prey, pounced to stop him when he even had thoughts for a sip or two with his friends.

Slowly, the ever-so-kind-and-gentle RH could not remain the same with PP.What was wrong with her? Why does she get defensive about my little habit? he cringed.

I tried talking to PP :

” Hey, RH is such a nice person and this is maybe his only quality you dont like.Why not compromise and get along? Afterall, he is only a social drinker.There is nothing wrong in it dear.Try and open up. Let him be him.”

” Hmm. But, drinking is never good for anyone.None of them in my family drank and I do not believe it is advisable even socially.I just cannot accept it..” she sulked.

The once-so-happy couple seem distanced now.Neither look cheerful or smile heartily anymore.PP still attracts attention.. for wrong reasons – like making a sharp comment about RH’s habit when he takes a sip.RH is still kind and gentle, but not towards her.He does not even hesitate to insult her in public anymore.

Me and hubby often think how great they are as individuals and how insensible they become when with each other.We snuggle up together on the sofa and hope all’s fine in PP-RH villa soon… while sipping our chardonnay wines on lazy evenings.

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2 Responses to All that over alcohol

  1. chandni says:

    tell them to get counselling…pronto!

    Me: Well, now that’s a sentitive topic to suggest, I guess.

    Things looked better the last weekend when we met them.
    Whatever the case, they decide for best and we shall be around , to support

  2. childwoman says:

    doesn’t other’s shitty lives, make us value our own lives more??

    Me: You Bet .

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