Truly blessed?

Met a family last weekend and spent a couple of hours at their place.

This lady (of the house) was unbelievable !!

Great body.
Silky smooth flowing Hair.
Perfect skin and complexion.
Smile to die for – all this at 40, looking not one day more than 30.
Amazing husband – understanding, loving, handsome and all.
Talented kids who have all her great genes, plus more.
A HUGE house in one of the best locations in the US.
Job that pays brilliant and keeps you feeling like a star.
Awesome skills in communication and athletics and what not.

‘Has it All’ and Truly blessed ?

I  heard from some common acquaintances , a few days later :

“I have never heard a kind word from that woman”
“Have not really liked her. Arrogance puts me off”
“She sounds rude, most of the time.”

‘Has it all’ has much more to it than seen, I learnt.

A few good words about you from people around – I guess that is mostly what ‘Has it all’ is made of.


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2 Responses to Truly blessed?

  1. childwoman says:

    Dont trust the face, the body and the hair…they are all fake anyways. Well no good heart is no good for me!!

    Thats what I say to myself and console myself! 🙂

    Me: No re, none of them were fake, and that’s why I was awed !
    “No Good Heart is No good ” – Totally with you on that though.

  2. chandni says:

    completely agree!!

    I am well beyond the stage of being impressed by outward beauty…that can be bought these days…inherent goodness cannot!

    Me: Well said.

    I guess I am still in that stage. Slowing getting out of it though.

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