Europe , here I come !

Me flying to Europe next week, people !

Looooong time cherished dream coming true, finally!!

Yes, Yes, Yes – Trip to  Europe !!!

Here’s the route : Fly to Paris, France  – > Interlaken,Switzerland  -> Zermatt, Switzerland  – > Vienna, Austria – > Venice, Italy  -> Rome, Italy  -> Fly out back to home.

Inspite of the big load of work assignments to finish, long list of shopping to do and huge bulk of packing to complete..I am SUPER EXCITED 😀

Hope to bring back a basket full of great experiences and interesting memories to share.

The travel, the people, the plans, the weather – Wish me luck , may all go well !


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3 Responses to Europe , here I come !

  1. chandni says:

    may all go well indeed!!!

    bing back nice pics you lucky pig 😀

  2. Chandu – Hey, Thanks dear.

    Lucky pig – yeah, I am. 😀
    Nice Pics – Ofcourse

    Okay, gottu go practice how to pose in front of the Eiffel tower, Colosseum, Alps mountains et all.. 😉

  3. childwoman says:

    how super super cool is that!!! have a great time girl! and take care!

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