Oh, Mummy !

A few years back, while in Bangalore, I was in this shop looking at some tops and T-shirts. Mummy was with me too, helping me out to choose.

I happened to look long at this skimpy kind of tank top and then pushed it aside.

She noticed and said ” That is so pretty! Take it ”

I made a skeptical face and said ” Not sure, mummy. It looks too skimpy”.

“So what? It will look good on you!”

While I was still thinking and holding it up trying to decide, the sales girl at the counter spoke.

” I think you should buy it ma’m. It will suit you. Moreover, this is the time you can wear all these sexy clothes. Once you get married and have a mother-in-law, I doubt she will be as supportive as your mom now!”

Me and ‘mummy’ looked at each other and burst into laughter.

Trying hard to stop, I said ” Thanks for the advice! By the way, this is my mummy-in-law”.

The face of that girl at the counter was worth watching πŸ˜‰

Frankly, I think my ‘mummy’ is cool in many ways though she is quite orthodox and conservative by nature.

Me and hubby have lived separately from parents, but have been visiting them atleast once a month until we moved out from India to the US.

I have admired mummy for how supportive and kind she is. She never tried bossing around or expected me to be the ‘bholi-bhali-bahu’, like most women of her age do. I like her energy and the vigor with which she moves around the house doing all the work. Never seen her sit and while away a single minute.

She is visiting us and has been around for a few months now.
Am happy about it and happy for my hubby who is all smiles to have his mom around.

But..But, I realize that it is not much fun to always have your mom-in-law
next to you..however good they are. ( You don’t know how much guilt I feel while I type these words!)

One major problem – She talks a lot.

When I say ‘lot’ , read – REALLY REALLY LOT!
All our conversations usually get drowned in her voice, all our thoughts too. She seems to think that if she stops talking, the world will miss a GRAVELY USEFUL information that can be promptly imparted in a few seconds!

The information, however, almost always involves – How her cousin’s brother’s elder son’s first daughter has a similar necklace or how another ‘close’ (?!) relative was in a similar situation that we are discussing! Almost always, these informations conclude to nothing and lead to nowhere.

Otherwise, it is mostly ” In our old times..” stories. The stories that go on and on with how she used to love a particular dish her aunty made or how she used to enjoy going out with her friends for movies.

Those were fun to listen to..until they became annoyingly repetitive. Trust me when I say, I have heard EVERY story she starts, atleast 5 times before that. It hurts to be torn between the heart that says ” Poor Lady, spare her the joy of talking!” and the mind which yells ” Stop her! I cannot bear to listen this story for the 10th time now! Please!”

I remain silent and nod anyway..

Secondly, hubby thinks his mom is the best cook ever ( Yeah, what’s new in that?! That is an inbuilt feature in any man, isn’t it?!).

So what, if the vegetables are overcooked or if they miss some salt. So what, if that chutney is 3 days old from the fridge and smells a bit different ? So what, if the biryani tastes nowhere like one and so what if she missed just one key-ingredient!!

To be honest, she is a very mediocre cook. (No, that does not in the slightest way imply that I am a great cook. I am still learning and trying to do my best.)

I remain silent and eat anyway..

I am getting a little tired remaining silent. I can sense that when I hear myself say ” Mummy, You have told that story earlier.” or ” Mummy, this item is missing some salt and the other one needs more gravy”.

God, While I wish mummy all the health and happiness, I wish myself some more patience and some more endurance to go on with her for a few more months until she returns to her home.


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10 Responses to Oh, Mummy !

  1. Gnightgirl says:

    Ok, this made me laugh, but I feel your pain. Not so much with the mother in law (I’m single, don’t have one), but just having an excessive talker in your life. When I call my sister on the phone, it’s like letting open gates at a horse race: She starts talking and I don’t say a word for 40 minutes. I have to plan my phone calls around my errands, listening to her while I drive or do housework. And, like you said, it’s about that cousin’s neighbor’s nieces’s necklace. Too funny!

    Good luck with that patience thing!

  2. Hey GnightGirl,

    Thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚

    ‘Letting open gates at a horse race’ – Haha! You worded it so right!

  3. chandni says:

    πŸ™‚ every girl who’s been married will chip in on this post and say “I understand”

    don’t worry, this too shall pass!

  4. childwoman says:

    ooh lucky you…and not so lucky you… πŸ™‚

    yeah, I am in the elementary level now. Had my Summer Funk performance last month. I cant wait for the classes to start again…

  5. chandni says:

    come back and post, You!

  6. DewdropDream says:

    Came here bloghopping and am totally loving this post!!! Completely empathise with your feelings here, and am not even married!!!

  7. Hey DewDropDream,

    Welcome..and Thanks!
    It must take real good imagination or varied experience to empathize these feelings without being married πŸ™‚

  8. DewdropDream says:

    haha, bit of both I’d say!!! πŸ˜€

  9. ss says:

    found you by bloghopping…and I just started reading some of your older posts. This one hit too close to home!
    My life was like this last year and now I have a 3 month baby and MIL is back to help take care of him. I am in worse situation now 😦

  10. ss – Welcome here πŸ™‚
    I have already started the process of getting my folks here when the baby happens in future.Totally understand what you mean!

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