Goodness Personified

As far as professional roles go, I have, no doubt, been lucky so far.
Five years in the field is not a big deal and not so much of an experience either, I know.But, I have had 4 different managers till date, owing to various circumstances, not necessarily job change.

The first one was my mentor, the ever-so-nice-and-patient M, who was so brilliant that the entire company relied on his shoulders..well, almost. I have fonder memories of my first job than many, all thanks to M.

In the next company, there were the other two – both extremely professional and hard core perfectionists. They were mostly polite and good people, if not consistently.

Currently, K is my manager. She is the combination of all good things I saw in the earlier ones and some more..

In the last 1.5 years of working under her, I have never once seen her angry or even irritated. That smile seems genuine and never seems to leave her face. More than 4 projects at a time is not a simple task to manage, added the fact that she is a mother of two little kids aged 2 and 4! All the deadlines, time tracking and never-ending meeting schedules can be mind boggling. With just 30% of her workload, I get all ‘Arrrrrrgh!’ sometimes. But, never seen her cringe atall. The others in my team who report to her can vouch that they have never seen that either !

“K, I think we have a problem !!!” – I panic sometimes when things goes wrong.

“Oh, that’s Okay. If you do this and then do that, it should be all good. I remember being in that situation few years back. I panicked too. But, that’s not worth it. Relax” she says calmly and smiles.

“K, Just updating you about this task. It’s completed.”- I say about a small business that I took care.

“Great! Am so thankful you are around!” she says with a true thanks in her eyes, making me feel important, yet another time.

“K, Could I leave early today?. I have a doctor’s appointment. My cold hasn’t left me in a week” – I say.

“Sure. Take good care. Try the XYZ tablet. Works like magic. You could also take the ABC syrup to boost immunity” – She has concern in her voice and really wants to help.

I am not actually exaggerating when I say K is goodness personified.
Heck, I don’t even get any stupid little thing to comment about my manager, when everyone else seems to have loads to crib and complain about theirs.

For the info, K is an American by origin and has been in the US of A all her life.

Few weeks back, her mom was diagnosed with liver cancer. Worst part- her mom does not believe in modern medicine and is sticking to her holistic approach – of meditation and fasting ! ( An American prefers holistic approach to cure cancer! Can you believe that?!)

K and her family have been worried and are struggling to convince her for chemotherapy. She has, however, been stubborn and holding on to her beliefs in spite of the deteriorating health.

K is mostly working from home these days, preferring to stay with her mom more than ever. In spite of these strenuous situations, K is still the same.. no bickering, no complaints. However, I do notice the subtle shade of worry on her face when she tries to pull up a smile.

Hearty prayers for the recovery and good health of that mother who raised a daughter so beautiful – both inward and out.

Good things happen to good people, I have heard.
So be it, please !

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2 Responses to Goodness Personified

  1. childwoman says:

    She sounds lovely. I hope her mum gets better soon. And yes, acche logon ke saath hamesha accha hi hota hai…I truly believe that. Hugs my friend 🙂

  2. Thank you.. {{ Hugging back }}

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