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Office Time pass

These two guys – PR and RA are temporary consulting employees in our team. They both come from the same South Indian state, thus speak the same language. I am one other desi in our team and understand their language. … Continue reading

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Ladies, the men are still winning.

On a slow moving evening, sitting in the backseat of a car on a long journey, I grabbed this magazine called ‘Little India’ with minimal expectations to pass time. What I got was this very interesting article by one Rohini … Continue reading

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One more specimen

So, this noon I was at the cafeteria heating up my lunch box in the microwave when this Chinese looking guy walked up with his lunch box. As usual, I threw a brief smile at him and continued to do … Continue reading

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Eppy Badhay to meee..

I am wearing a pretty little skirt and a tank top, a sweet smelling new perfume and feeling really bubbly today. I find myself involuntarily smiling away to glory at whomever walks by me today. They see it or not, … Continue reading

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