One more specimen

So, this noon I was at the cafeteria heating up my lunch box in the microwave when this Chinese looking guy walked up with his lunch box. As usual, I threw a brief smile at him and continued to do my business, when he said –

“Hi. So when are you planning for a baby?”


“You are married for some years now, no? When will you have a baby?”

“Ah.. not sure yet.” ( WTF!! I hardly know this person. Why am I even answering him!)

“I think I’ll have another one by next year.”

“Oh, Ok.” ( Wow, thank you so much for this critical information Sir. What would I have done without it.)

“Bye then.”

“Bye” ( Phew! )

Does this kind of weird viva voce sessions happen only to me or such specimen with bizarre questions are common all throughout?

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7 Responses to One more specimen

  1. Silvara says:

    WTF??? that is really random lol…

    I HATE people like that lol 😛

  2. Dewdropdream says:

    Maaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!! What the hell was he thinking???!!! Maybe you should do a bit of research on this guy 😛

  3. snippetsnscribbles says:

    What bullcrap!!! Who the hell wud ask such downright personal questions to some random stranger?!
    I thought only Indians had this problem of asking he ‘baby’ questions. Looks like even China shares the same genes with us!

  4. Silvara – Me hates them too!

    DewDropDream – I know! But, noticed a ‘stupid streak’ on his face and that might be the origin of this random questioning out of the blue.

    Snippetsnscribbles – I can almost see the fumes coming out! LOL! Not a total stranger maybe..Used to some casual smiles and ‘hi’s in the office though I don’t still know his name.

  5. Gnightgirl says:

    How weird; I wonder if there was mistaken identity—did he think he knew you?!!

    And note to Snippetscribbles: That push for people to have babies must be universal, because it’s definitely an American thing too. My second husband had a vasectomy (too much information, I know) and didn’t want his family to know—he thought it none of their business. …So I had to endure years of their pestering me to get pregnant, and give them more grandbabies. God forbid I should wear a loose top to the family reunion; the women went crazy waiting for “good news!”

  6. snippetsnscribbles says:

    Gnightgirl – oh my god! Really?? Its a Universal Syndrome for sure!

  7. GNightGirl – Nope, not mistaken identity atall.
    OH!Pestering for grandbabies happens so aggressively in the US too? That’s some news for me!

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