The art of going RED …with embarrassment

Must be your good day.  You are in for some big laughs – all at my cost !
I hereby display my bravery ( which, by the way, needs to be enormous in this case) by listing all the ultra mortifying moments in my life, chronological order.
Here goes :

  • I must have been around 7 years old when I was spending a summer vacation at an aunt’s place. They took me along for a pooja ceremony at their neighbors place. I recall a crowd of more than 50 people – all busy and chatting around, hardly giving any attention to the actual ceremony. I was new and tried to keep to myself and in the course gulped down nearly 4 glasses of a yummy tasting fruit juice which was offered to the guests. Obviously my bladder was pressing me for a restroom break within a few minutes. I am not sure what I was thinking – that it was bad to ask people about rest room during a pooja? Maybe. I kept mum. All the while the pressure increased. I discovered in few minutes that I could divert the urge by swinging my arms widely. At one point, it became so bad, that my arms started hurting by the vigorous swinging!Some concerned people came to me wondering what I was up to. I still kept mum ( Arrrgghh, why?!).When I could no longer stand it, I finally ran to my aunt with tears rolling down the eyes and hands know where. Almost half of the people were watching while my aunt hurriedly took me towards the rest room. Though it has been years and years ..I have never forgotten it and never will, I guess. Oh, that silly little girl who thought seeking a restroom was a sin!


  • It was my first day in the engineering college. For a small town girl, I think I was pretty well dressed..ahmm..except for the little silver butterfly on my ponytail. I wondered why the senior guys ( who, by the way swarmed around to get a glimpse of the new birds in the block) gave me a pleased look until I turned my head to walk away. I think I heard a few giggles..giggles from the BOYS! Through half of the day I was blissfully unaware why some of my classmates pointed fingers and showed me to their bench mates. I was actually proud to be pointed out..maybe I was the star of the day? When one of them opened her mouth to say ” Nice butterfly up there. It even flutters the wings when you walk!”, before chuckling, I finally knew I was not the star of the day after all – at least not the way I thought. Why didn’t the earth open up and gulp me at that moment, God ?!!!


  • Well through the first year of college, I became popular enough to be noticed – this time, all in the right sense. Outgoing, friendly, smart, talkative, talented and such attributes were associated to yours truely and I walked around quite confident until…this guy from another department was introduced to me one evening by a common friend. I had this thing for smart and intellectual guys who need not necessarily be very good looking either. There were many of that sort, I knew and was comfortable with, but this guy was different. He spoke with superbly high confidence and intellect, yet being funny and charming all the while. I reciprocated..and gave away a little too much, I guess. I had this scarf kind of thingy around my neck and as I talked, I removed it , tied up around my finger, removed it back, tied it back up around the neck, removed it again..around the finger… back on the neck…you get it, right? I might have repeated this for at least a dozen times when I finally realized and stopped..and grinned.. foolishly. That was not the end ..mortification happened in the true sense when after a week I attended this seminar on body language and behavior ..where that same guy was one of the main speakers. It seems he was a certified ‘Interpreter of Body Language and Behavior’ ! Ayyyooo…Shucks, Shucks, Shucks..!


  • Final year and the last semester in college, I was very much in love with this guy who is now the hubby. As is normal, we did all to please each other. One day he asked me ever so sweetly that he wants some pictures of me (prints, not the digital version ). He said he wanted many of them and in different poses. Was I happy to fulfill this romantic sounding wish from my prince charming, or what? It was cheesy to think of him lovingly look at my pictures 24X7, but what the heck? I very much lived in my dreamland, where anything was possible! I went to the nearest photo studio with a group of friends – who, by the way, were super excited to help out..again, pure bollywood filmy type ‘saheliyan’. I posed and posed, putting the old ‘Saira Banu’ to shame, probably. Imagine any stupid looking pose you can think of..even the ones where you pretend to be walking and then turn back to smile ( Yeah, yeah, laugh you may). Finally when the pictures came out, I thought they were silly, but sent them to my guy anyway. I expected him to laugh a bit, but when it was a roaring unstoppable guffaw, I asked him what was so wrong? His answer haunts me to this day –  “I asked for the pictures to show to my parents. They wanted to see you in a sari. I forgot to mention that. By the way, just make sure that studio guy doesn’t sell those pictures to a local wine shop..the girl with pretty poses in jeans and little skirts.Hahahaha..!”   I went so red with embarrassment..took me days to stop thinking about it. I could hardly look straight at my in laws when I first met them. Thankfully, all these years, that topic has been never spoken of in their presence although the hubby has his stomach full laughs recalling the pictures every once in a while .

 Phew! While this list is not exhaustive, I will prefer to maintain a little trace of dignity by saying – all the rest that did not make to this list are much milder and pale in comparison.

Now, to think of it, this makes a cool tag ( cool because I cannot get physically beaten up for passing this on. Yay! to the virtual world)

I tag.. in fact DARE these dearies to reveal their list ( if any , of course).





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13 Responses to The art of going RED …with embarrassment

  1. chandni says:

    good lord!!!


    But you know me, will do it!

  2. pritiahuja says:

    and what does that scarf thingy action mean as per body language gyaan…. LOL

    ‘very much in love with this guy who is now the hobby.’ … hobbies or crushes… ROFL… I think ‘hobbies’ sounds much better than crushes… gives a completely new dimension… ROFL 😀

    lol… abt those camera poses… soft focus-semi side pose- hand under the chin… aiyo!

    hobby went on to become hubby… lol lol lol

  3. Gnightgirl says:

    Oh nooo….Ok, I’ll think back over my life and try to screw up the courage to write about my most embarrassing moments. Thanks a lot.

    I like your coy scarf routine with the body language interpreter. Too funny.

  4. Chandu – Now, that’s like a good girl.Do it ! 🙂

    Priti – OOhh! Good catch there! LOL! I still can’t stop laughing 😀 Should have kept that one a ‘hobby’..but too late he is the ‘hubby’ now 😉

    GNightgirl – Hehe. Thanks you too! *Grnning wide in anticipation of the post*

  5. Nova says:

    That was ROTFL hilarious!!!!!

    Good one u got out here 🙂

  6. Dewdropdream says:

    Not fair. I don’t feel embarassed. What will I do about post now? 😦

  7. Nova – Thank you 😀

    DewDrop – Don’t feel embarassed AT ALL?! Kahan hai aapke charan kamal..let me fall 😉, ditched my tag then 😦

  8. Dewdropdream says:

    No no no!!! This is a fun tag!!! I shall write about instances where I was supposed to have felt embarassed 😀 okie?

  9. Dewdrop – Cool ! That’ll work fine too! 🙂

  10. Dewdropdream says:

    Update update!!! we miss you!

  11. Hey Dew, Thanks for that one dearie 🙂 I know it’s been long since I updated this space.

    Have been having a badgering busy time at office and don’t get enough time to even read my fav blogs, let alone update mine.

    Will do it sometime soon. 🙂

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  13. If you ever want to hear a reader’s feedback 🙂 , I rate this post for four from five. Decent info, but I have to go to that damn msn to find the missed bits. Thank you, anyway!

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