Truly Deepavali ?

The festivities of Deepavali is still lingering in the air. We started  last weekend and it is going on to the next. Here’s how:

A get together of about a dozen friends with spouses and kids set off  the  beginning of celebrations. Each brought their contribution to the  dining table that ended up with 3 appetizers, 4 curries, 3 desserts and a load of potato chips. Some of those feeling overly generous brought in bottles of fine wine and made it a true partay!

There was much eating, drinking and a lot of laughing…A LOT OF. A  harmless game of dumb Charades (our own version where each team presents  the opponent team’s player with 5 random words to enact and convey in 60 seconds) went on to become a laughing  riot..especially when we decided to go wicked by thinking of words like  ‘Chicken Poo’, ‘ Pregnant Dinosaur’ and..wait for this..’Acute Constipation’!. Hahahaha!!!! Just imagining my friend Lav enacting that  last one and trying hard to convey it to her team makes me laugh loud at  all kinds of unexpected places  these days 😀


Though heavy fireworks are banned in California, we managed to find some  sparklers and flowerpots ( Isn’t that what they are called? The ones that gush out brilliant fire sparks from a pot like thing?). No noisy rockets or bombs .  ( Oh, but I looove noisy rockets and bombs.. 😦 )

Me...engaged in a fascinating dance of sparkles.

[ Pic : Me..engaged in a fascinating dance of sparkles ]

Deepavali at home involved hot oil massage on the first day. Though I  spent a good amount of time cleaning the shower tub after the showers,  the consequences of the massage sessions were..well..pretty good 😉


Over the week, I made some sweets at home (Gulab Jamun and Dates  Payasam ) which came out good. Ok, about 90% good 😀 Hmmph! I know what I did wrong this time.So, next time, I promise a 100% people 🙂

Our office ‘Activities Team’ ( I know, dumb name!) organized a Diwali  Party yesterday for the first time ever! Yes, it IS a big deal where more  than 70% employees are non Indians.

I came to office in a saree..sitting in my cubicle.. saree…in office!

That was the dress code internally decided by all desi ladies. Well, I  didn’t mind. Though it was way too difficult to dance for a bhangra song  at the party ( hehe) and even more difficult to walk fast to a meeting  that I almost missed…It felt nice. Is it because of the 100  complimentary looks I got or words like ‘You look so pretty !’ from  random strangers walking by? Well..maybe 😀


The finale of all celebrations ( or at least hoping to be) will be on  this weekend, with another bunch of very enthusiastic friends. If  anything, I am sure of this- there will be some awesome music and mad  dancing !


Hmm…some sincerely candid view point now.

In spite of all these hullabaloo over the entire week, there were hardly  few minutes when I truely felt like it was Deepavali.

No careless evenings jumping around Appa arguing over new clothes and  heaps of fireworks for the next day.

No hovering in the kitchen waiting for Amma to let you pounce on your favorite Kaju  Burfi and Khara Boondi Mixture.

No chasing behind the brother who took immense pleasure scaring you with  sudden ‘bomb’ bursts at unexpected moments.

No visits to cousins aunts and uncles all sharing the same glee and  enthusiasm as you because its Deepavali!

No impatient waiting for the sun set to begin lighting little oil  lamps (hanatey) all around on the compound wall..and climbing up the roof to keep  them there too!

All these get togethers, the eating drinking and laughing loud – in some  way seems fake..We are all trying to find that elusive happiness of the  true festive season through some substitutes on a foreign land.

Aren’t we?

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12 Responses to Truly Deepavali ?

  1. Gnightgirl says:

    You left me both laughing and thoughtful, about celebrating in a foreign land. I’ve lived in my town for 43 of my 45 years. I’ve never lived more than 8 miles away from the house I grew up in…and I’m readying to move even closer than I am now. I can barely imagine not celebrating holidays with my family…let alone trying to fit them in where they are not culturally recognized.

    It’s nice to read about them here, though.

    And honey, next time, you’d better video that charades game. I want to see “acute constipation.” Inquiring minds…

    great post.

  2. snippetsnscribbles says:

    Beautiful post 🙂 Loved the ending though 🙂

    …and I dint know you were from Karnataka? are you?

  3. snippetsnscribbles says:

    Oh, btw blogrolling you 🙂 Been reading you for a long time now 🙂

  4. chandni says:

    oh honey.. *hugs*

    Actually its all in the mind really. I am in “India” but in delhi, while in my heart and mind, diwali = in home town with parents….

    so I created it for myself as close to home as possible…u did the same and its good enough 🙂

    lots of love always!

  5. GNightGirl – Not more than 8 miles away? Aww..And here I am, more than 8000 miles away from family. Envy you now 🙂

    Oh yeah..the video recording of that ‘acute constipation’ would have been priceless. LOL!
    SnS – Yes, from Karnataka! Down south from near M’lore 🙂

    Thanks for blogrolling sweets 😀
    Chandni – Ohh…* Hugging Back* 🙂
    Totally get that Diwali = in home town with parents.

    I guess it was as good as it can get far away from home and I realize I should stop sulking now. Thanks dear.

  6. snippetsnscribbles says:

    *shocked* from Mlore? ME TOO!

  7. SnS – Wow! Too much co-incidence 😀
    I said ‘near’ M’ be precise not exactly from there.

    Somehow, all this time I thought you were from B’lore 🙂

    Doesn’t matter now. Yay ! * High Fives*

  8. snippetsnscribbles says:

    Totally! Though I am from Blore, my roots are in Mlore. And now, thanks to my husband I’m closer to Mlore too 🙂

  9. naren says:

    Hey, Happy belated Divali! And very nice post, btw.



  10. Devaki says:

    Saree in office sounds fun! 😀

    You started out on such a lovely festive note and ended up making me senti – not fair! But truly, childhood Diwalis WERE special…

  11. vishwa says:

    that is what I have felt in USA always…whats a diwali without some decent firework?

  12. Naren – Hey,Thanks. 🙂
    Devaki – It was, in more ways than one 😉
    Oooh..srry for the mushy ending, couldn’t help it.
    Vishwa – Exactly !

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