Life lived for Love

This testimony of true love and courage got me all choked up.

Why would God want to separate such loving hearts so ruthlessly?

But hey, I think she beat death in it’s own ‘game’ anyway!

Truely .. Life lived for Love.
21 year old Katie Kirkpatrick Godwin held off her cancer so she could have the happiest day of her life. She had battled hard but the cancer always returned.

She had to use an oxygen tank to breathe. The pain in the back was so strong it broke through the morphine and her organs were shutting down.

Yet, all this was not able to stop her from marrying Nick Godwin who loved her from 11th grade.

Katie got married on January 15, 2008. Five days later she died.

That’s how love can beat even the toughest of sickness.






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2 Responses to Life lived for Love

  1. snippetsnscribbles says:

    Lord – now I cant stop my tears..

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