Happy Hols Ya’ll !

Holidays are almost there .

Hopping on a flight to Miami tomorrow 😀

Unlike any other time, we are done shopping, packing and repacking our bags ahead of time, no last minute hurry-burry .  All set to leave right away !

Came to the Office with a mental list of things to complete today. But, the holiday mood is bubbling up and bursting out my ears already..God, I can’t concentrate.

Not just Miami.. exciting water sports and sunny beaches beckons us in the Key West Islands as well..

Snorkeling, Parasailing, Jet Skiing are some of the many events planned. If not all, we will definitely do a few from the wish list 😀

The festive season is infectious…what with the Bright Decors, Fat Santas, Happy Faces and Cheerful Greetings …

Really lovin’ it all 😀


Wish you all awesome people out there a truck load full of Health, Happiness, Laughter And Love this festive season. 

Have a wonderful one!

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2 Responses to Happy Hols Ya’ll !

  1. snippetsnscribbles says:

    Thats awesome!! Tell me how you felt parasailing!!! It was exhilerating for me !!!

    have fun and soak up the sun as much as possible…and hey, take sunscreen along ;))

  2. La Vida Loca says:

    do a follow up post no?

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