Gentle Simmer..

So, the trip was a huge success, can easily get into the list of one of  our best 🙂

I would love to blabber all that was of the days spent vacationing, but  will suffice with putting down just this one incident that got me thinking, and a little panicking too!

It was our first day of the trip. We had just reached Miami and it was late in the evening. And oh, did I mention that we had company?

Vi and Ne, a newly married enthusiastic couple we know, travelled along and were a delight to be around with. Vi, the boy, is a chilled out and fun character while Ne, the girl, is sweet and charming in all she does.

Married for hardly 8 months, they were very much into each other most of  the time.

We 4 got dressed and set out to take a leisurely walk on Ocean Drive near  the beach. A line of very interesting shops and restaurants and a  pleasant crowd made it a perfect place to spend the evening. The air smelt nice and music floated around while the gushing sound of the  waves made a soothing  background.

Definitely romantic na?

Hmmm..but this mad mind of mine did not let that be. 

Vi and Ne were walking ahead of us..koochikooing into each others ears  and laughing at silly jokes while Hubby had an arm casually thrown around  my neck .. his eyes gazed elsewhere. Then I realized he was looking at  everything EXCEPT me. A couple of times he called out to Vi to share a PJ  or info about the place. But never uttered anything to me.

I held him around the waist and walked along silently trying not to bother about my stupid thoughts. But, it doesn’t leave you so easily  now, does it?

With every step, my heart got heavier..more so when I saw the happy  looking couple in front of us lost in their world.

We are together for more than 4 years now, we have had many many  vacations and hundreds of such romantic evenings. Still, that doesn’t  mean he act so numb to me now.

Was it that he has taken me for granted. Am I like a ‘file attachment’  that will always remain along no matter what?

Was it that I no more generate any warm feelings in him on a beautiful  evening like this one?

Was our marriage getting soon? 

I kept thinking and my brows knotted tighter every minute. He didn’t notice.

My head started hurting with so much of negative thoughts and it came  out in the most unexpected manner – ” So, you are bored of me?”

Hubby was taken by surprise and asked me what was wrong. I mumbled something..he urged.

I really hate myself for the words I uttered then. I almost shouted at  him..blaming him for acting so inert and passive to me, having a keen eye on everything else but the one next to him..

I must have sounded really harsh, because he shouted back at me, almost  hysterically ..and walked back to the car.

The sweet evening had turned bitter for us. Neither of us were ready to  give up and say a sorry.

Back in the hotel room, I still could not bring myself to senses. I lay awake in  the bed sobbing softly. In any of our fights I take  longer than him to calm down. Normally he snaps back to a usual smile and  comes by to take a peek. But, not this time, no sire.

He didn’t sleep.. kept walking around in the room furious and lashing out choicest rude words at me. It hurt bad inside..the words prick harder than anything else, don’t they?

I covered my ears in despair and whispered to H, inside myself:

Just stop being so angry now, talk to me in a kind voice H ..just a word  or two in your usual loving tone..and I’ll run back into your arms. We’ll  be as happy as we were..and forget the bitter evening. 

I could have done it fact very much wanted to. But, that thing called ego never let me..just like it didn’t let H.

After, what seemed like hours, I called out to H and he turned to  me..still seething.

I said with utmost seriousness –

“You know, when you remain angry for so long it doesn’t look nice on  you. You look like an Orangutan actually.”


“You look like an Orangutan when you are angry, really!”

A tiny smile crept on his face..and I laughed out.

H burst into laughter too.

We snuggled up to a stupid sorry and held each other the tightest we could.

All the days that followed were pure bliss. I could not bother less about  what Vi and Ne did or anybody else for that matter.

That incident and the retrospection later on made me realize that romance never left us, it just got pleasantly more comfortable and lingered.

We may not be whispering into each others ears and smiling every other minute, but we do have a good share of that, just enough and then a  little more..

As for the vacationing part, the sunshine state pampered us to bits. The Key Islands offered the best of beaches and the most awe inspiring views.


We Parasailed and went soaring up in the air;

We Snorkeled and swam amongst the colorful shiny fish;

We Jet skied and teased the choppy ocean waves;

We Kayaked and caressed the calm bay waters;

We Cruised on a catamaran and lost ourselves in the orange sunset skies..


All that was left of what happened on the first day was a warm sense of relief..and realization of what  I once read, probably at Silvara’s.

That, after a while, “Love doesn’t boil, it gently simmers.”

So true that one. So very true. 🙂

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13 Responses to Gentle Simmer..

  1. Silvara says:

    Man…I felt like I was reading my own story there for a bit!!! and we have been only married a year! (Granted been together almost 8 but STILL)

    It happens, I’ve come to realise, and once you do you have an even better time. The pics look amazing 🙂

  2. La Vida Loca says:

    great pics!
    Yeah the N does not believe in all that either–coochie cooing and all. But in my heart I know he has eyes and patience only for me 😛

  3. i love lucy says:

    Was this Key West by any chance?
    I have been on both sides of the fence so I know exactly what you are talking about!
    And you have expressed it so well too…so simple and yet so real.I could picture the whole episode in my head 🙂
    So all is well that ends well…looks like you guys had a real fun vacation!

  4. Dee says:

    LOL.. That was fun.. Orangutan 🙂

    I know its weird, but I prefer the comfort than the romance.. Because I feel it gives me space and keeps me in touch with myself..

    And if I am feeling particularly romantic, I initiate the koochie-cooing, that way it takes the DH by surprise and he becomes pleased as a punch!!

  5. chandni says:

    how sweet…the making up 🙂

    as long as one makes up, fighting can be fun too 😉

  6. You were talking of G and I, werent you ??? :O We have had many many such incidents where our holidays/drives have been ruined! But yeah, like you said “EGO” plays a huge role! And keeping it aside takes a great deal of courage, I’ve come to realise.
    But yeah, if you make up, there is nothing like it 🙂
    Loved the pics !!!! You seem to have had a great deal of fun!!

  7. i love lucy says:

    Where did my comment disappear? 😦

  8. Silvara : Oh yeah, I recall reading yours long back.But it took a hands on experience to actually understand 😛 I get it now..and you were/are right by every letter there ! 🙂

    La Vida Loca : Nice! That’s what keeps us going, doesn’t it? 🙂

    I Love Lucy : Yes, Yes, the Key West 😀
    Spent a day in key Largo too.

    Thanks much for the compliemnt part..kinda floating in the air now 😉

    First time comments require approval and don’t appear immediately.
    Keep dropping by 🙂

    Dee : Good for you re, but I prefer the other way round, especially on a vacation 🙂
    Could have initiated the romance,yes..but when the mind gets mad it doesn’t listen, no?
    Probably was fueled by jealousy because of that new couple ahead of us 😉

    Chandni : 🙂

    Hehe. That’s one kind of cheap thrill I derive..just love the making up part after a fight!

    SnS : Haha! 😀
    You are absolutely right! Ego is the toughest to win over.

    Thanks hon. Yes, was so much fun.Actually did all that we planned plus some more 🙂

  9. Gnightgirl says:

    I love your oh-so-honest posts; these things that we are sometimes afraid to admit in ourselves (that we have conflict with people we love), but feel so comforted to know that we’re not alone.

    I’ve recently realized that when I get my feelings hurt, I need to deal with the ONE issue at hand; I have a tendency to “branch off” into other subjects, and make things worse. Oops! 😉

    It’s a great post, once again. Thank you for it.

  10. Never Mind says:

    Sounds like an awesome trip! Pics looks absolutely wonderful!

  11. Never Mind says:

    What is the best email to reach you?

  12. Ersa says:

    Hey this is the 2nd or 3rd post I’m reading here and I’m already loving the way you write… The way you write is simple, honest and has something in it to keep the readers hooked. Love it !

    Will go back and read more…:-)…

  13. This one deserves a OMG again! Same to same! Same fighting on silly things like public display of affection, same finishing it off with a hug and peels of laughter!

    You said it really well! Very nicely written 🙂
    Me: same to same? Hmm..then are we some twin sisters lost in kumbh ka mela long years back? 😀

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