And the Oscar goes to..

What a night it was! What a great moment!

ARR, you did it!.. and you deserved it, long long back.

Rehman Oscar

A R Rahman wins 2 Oscars for the Best Original Score and Best original Song in Slumdog Millionaire

Deep down, we knew this was had to, one day or the other.

From your soothing sweet ‘Roja’ to your teasing zippy ‘Masakkali’,  I have always been your fan. 

Hell, I can’t recall one person I know, who doesn’t agree that you are brilliant. 🙂

Though I rooted for “O Saya” to win the Oscar for your nomination, the song did not even matter when they announced your name on stage in front of world audience!

Wish you many more of these moments..many more for us to cheer for you, bearing joyous tears.

Hat’s off to you maestro !



Note: Flying to India in a couple of days..for a month long vacation! One week of Office work does not count there, does it? 🙂

Will be seeing my parents , my dear brother and several other loved ones, after almost 2 years now.

We have been doing a lot of good to the economy lately 😉 Have been buying like crazy .. gifts  for everyone we know back home..and some more 😀 

While it might be difficult to post here while there, I will definitely make efforts . But hey, am not one to miss any chance to come over and catch your updates . 

Adios now, take care and be safe you all.

See you back soon.

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11 Responses to And the Oscar goes to..

  1. La Vida Loca: Thanks girl 🙂

  2. Dee says:


    Have a safe journey!!

    P.S. Where are u from in India??

  3. Dee – Thank you!
    Am from near M’lore..but B’lore has tons of my friends.So, will be going there too 🙂

  4. La Vida Loca says:

    so you Kannada chic?

  5. La Vida Loca says:

    Why do I keep thinking you are from Bombay?
    *all confused*

  6. DewdropDream says:

    I am confused about that too … I kept thinking you’re not kannadiga till I saw you write in Kannada on someone’s blog 😀 Have a good trip!

  7. La Vida Loca : Yep, that’s me 😀
    DDD : Hehe. Know what? Even in person I have the same confusing effect on people. Donno why though.
    Chandni: Already at it 😉

  8. DewdropDream says:

    I frequently get told I look anything but Kannadiga (South Indian more like). WTF! HOW is a South Indian supposed to ‘look’ pray?

  9. I read your posts for quite a long time and must tell you that your posts are always valuable to readers.

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