Kudos and some more

Has been way too long since the last post here, Isn’t it?

Whenever I came here to do a new post, the words and images on that last post made me all knotted inside the stomach. My parents are back in India and I miss them more than I could ever imagine. I was this strong-headed independent girl who did not care to understand when people said “am home sick” or “miss my parents”. Hmmm, all that is coming to bite me in the butt now. 😛

Ok. So, I finally checked a long pending task on my to-do list today- Created a blog showcase of my virtual Awards 😀

Everytime some sweet soul honoured me with an award, I gracefully accepted it and then kept it aside in a corner to gather dust. What a shame! It bugged me in the back of my mind always, but somehow ‘other’ things took priority every single time. Anyway, finally got to do it …here is my Kudos! Corner `:)

I won’t mind a bit, if you go in there and say, “Cool. You got all this-a?”
I won’t mind a bit, even if you say “Oh, that’s all? I have more. Here,take a few.”


Oh ,I am not leaving without some Paapu updates for you 😀

  • – The Kannada speaking Ajja-Ajji have been replaced by Tamil speaking Paati now. Yes, Hubby’s mom is in town. Initially, Paapu was thoroughly confused by the new method of handling, new posture of bathing, new voice for singing and new volume of speaking (LOUD). She cried a few tears and then quickly got along with the change. She giggles at her Paati’s funny faces at the drop of a hat now.
  • – Those little chubby fingers which could hardly manage to co-ordinate and touch a toy are now grasping and pulling everything possible in the vicinity, including mommy’s hair, specially while they dangle down on the face when mommy kisses her forehead one  hundred times a day. Ouch! 😀
  • – Paapu is going to be introduced to the bright-big-yummy world of solid food in a week!Mommy is particularly proud about having kept up her ‘exclusive breastfeeding until 6 months’ resolution successfully. The drive To-From home on office lunch breaks, pumping 3-4 times a day (including one in the night), bringing out the boob at the slightest indication of baby hunger …all well worth it. Ah, am happy 🙂
  • – Turning over is an old story already. Paapu is standing high, balancing on all fours now!! Not that it came easy. She worked very hard at it and can finally do it, albeit moving forward is still a work in progress. For some reason, moving backward ( ‘reverse gear’ , as Daddy calls it) comes very easy 😉
  • – Squealing and squeaking at high pitch are the favorite things to do when smiling and laughing does not seem enough. Mommy and Daddy cannot stop laughing at the funny sounds she makes and that’s when she suddenly stops and gives that questioning look  😀
  • – The outside world is suddenly so damn interesting to Paapu. Nobody can grab her attention for anything when she is out in the open. Turns there to look what colour, turns here to look what shape, turns back to see what sound..not even a blink of the eye at times 🙂
  • – A hard working , but patient young photographer lady at a professional studio sweat it out over a bunch of Paapu pics, getting her to actually pose and make the most wonderful expressions ever! Here is a sample.

Let me know if you figure out what she might be sayin’ 😉

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32 Responses to Kudos and some more

  1. smartassbride says:

    Finally!! Came here hoping for a new update and got it! she is way too cute!

    and she’s saying “aaah! why are you staring? I know im pretty!” 😀

    and kudos to you for having stuck to your resolution!

    • Like your guess on what’s she saying..but then, who doesn’t.

      Sorry, no prizes 😀

      Thanks babes..it was not easy sticking to the resolution..but am sooooooo happy I did it and your kudos accepted 🙂

  2. Pumping..One thing I don’t miss 😛 ..I was more than happy to give that one up 😀 😀

    On the crawling already..wow the grow up fast don’t they.. Reverse Gear is easier for sure..even till date..now it is on a cycle..don’t know why but it is 🙂

    She is saying ‘Come on what are you waiting for. Click quick. I have more important things to take care of. Like letting Amma hold me’.

    • Reverse gear is easier generally is what I heard too. Is still is for Buzz? Hehe, that must make an interesting post..do na.

      Like your guess on what’s she saying too..share the ‘prize’ with Abhi 😉

  3. I think she is saying: Do you know how lucky you are? There will come a time when there will be people queueing up to photograph themselves with me!!!!!

  4. Nu says:

    that’s so sweet of Paapu 🙂 Comfy is right..these kids grow so soon before you even know 🙂

    Good to see an update on this page 🙂 keep doing that !!

    Paapu is saying : “HIiiiiii” since this is the first time we’re seeing her 🙂

    • Yeah, should keep updating Nu. I somehow find a reason not to do that regularly, don’t I?

      First time seeing? Have been posting Paapu’s pics on almost every post since she was born 🙂

  5. DewdropDream says:

    Ye gods! I could eat that little munchkin up!

  6. snippetsnscribbles says:

    Oh God!! Shes soooooooooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute 😀 Can I eat those cheeks? 😀 😀

    You know what? She perfectly fits that rhyme – Chubby cheeks, dimple chin, rosy lips, teeth (err..) within…. 😀 😀

    Cant believe she will start walking on all fours soon !

    Shes saying “Amma, see the world inside my mouth” 🙂 Sorry but thats the first thing that occured to my mind 🙂

    Mommy needs some encouragement too 🙂 So heres kudos to you on your Kudos corner 🙂 And for keeping up the 6-month resolution 🙂 I have seen just how exhausting it is to pump and feed ….sigh! hats off to all you moms!

    Oh btw, you will get awards and all that only if you keep updating this page 😛

    • LOL! on “..world inside my mouth”. Now, that’s straight from the SriKrishna stories 😉

      Thanks for the kudos on 6 months SnS. I know I deserve that 🙂

      Awards only if I update. Hmm. Now, that’s got me thinking. 😛

      Yes, will try and do more often.

  7. She is precious AHK! I saw her pic at the end and forgot what I read so far 🙂

    I think she says ‘Ey Photographer, click it quick! Mind it!’ 😀

  8. Titaxy says:

    awwwwwwwwwww, she’s adorable!!!!

    she’s probably saying “I’ve other things to do too, you know? So make this quick so I can go learn all the things that I need to.” 😀

  9. Titaxy says:

    And of course, kudos to you, AHK 😀

  10. First off…. how cute is tat lil girl!!!

    I cannot believe its been 6 months!

    And I think the hair pulling is a fav passtime of kids.. my neice & nephew do tat to the SIL’s all the time 🙂

    • 6 months already..I know.
      Wasn’t it yesterday I wrote the ‘paapu birth story’? 😦

      Yep, that’s one of their favorites. Sometimes when am bending down and talkign to her..she focuses just on my moving hair to pull..instead of my face 😛

  11. Chinkurli says:

    Oh man, your kid is extremely cute 😀 She’s asking the photographer to GO AWAY…she doesn’t like paparazzi you see 😛

    • Thnx Chinkurli 😀

      Go Away? In fact, it was exactly the opposite.

      Here’s what she was acting like “Wow! come here. what’s that thing flashing at me?Let me graaab!”


  12. Gnightgirl says:

    She’s soooo beautiful. I laughed at her reverse gear. Thanks for posting her cuddly little pic!

  13. Rani says:

    She is cute. Like Mommy, like daughter! 🙂

  14. la Vida Loca says:

    i want to bite those chubby cheeks.

  15. ilovelucy says:

    She is SO very cute!! And looks like she has inherited mommy’s happy-go-lucky nature as well! 🙂 Good for her!
    And seriously dude, has it been 6 months already?!!!

    • Yes, yes, 6 months..unbelievable no?

      Thank you for the nice words girl..out of everything I want for Pappu, happy-go-lucky attitude is the foremost 🙂

      How have you been doing? Update blog na

  16. Anu says:

    Wow! she is sooo cute!
    She is loving all the attention and saying -‘Bring it on!’ 😀
    And kudos to you for keeping up your resolution… now that I am a mom I can imagine how tough it must’ve been!

  17. Deepa says:

    Hi there,
    Your paapu is very beautiful!! I bet she gets her good looks from her hot mama! Congratulations on keeping up with the 6 month routine. I know, it can be a bit too much, I did that for my first one, then, my milk stopped after 6 months. With my second one though, I have been able to nurse him even now, he is 15 months old. I also give him solids though. I had lots of menthya kaalu pudi, it helped me to build my supply.

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