On a lonely night

Tring Tring…Tring Tring

Hubby: Hello

Me: Hey dear

Hubby: Hey

Me: Where are you?

Hubby: Walking on the street with few colleagues. On the way to the Rave party! It’s such an awesome crowd there. You should see the..

Me: Okay, okay. It’s past midnight.. I slog through a difficult day and you just have fun all the while.

Hubby: Well, I worked first few hours in the morning. Rest of the day, its mostly the conference and then party!

Me: Hmm.

Hubby: How’s Paapu ?

Me: She is better. Still has that troublesome cold thingy. I Just put her to bed.

Hubby: Ok

Me: What Ok? Won’t you ask How I am?

Hubby: Tell me

Me: I am tired..missed you so much all week. The other side of the bed seems so empty..

Hubby: Hmm. Ok. Look, got to go now  * loud party music blaring in the background *

Me: What?? I am still talking here!

Hubby: Talk to you tomorrow first thing, ok?

Me: Get Lost! Hmmph! * cannot slam the receiver because it’s a cell phone, so just pressed the                                                             cancel button really hard *


Fast Forward 5 minutes


Tring Tring…Tring Tring

Hubby: Hello

Me: Hey, Can you give me contact number of that handsome friend of yours?

Hubby: Why?

Me: Simply. May be he’ll be free and talk to me now. I am on bed ..and bored..you know.

Hubby: Hahaha!!

Me: What Haha? Give me the number. You don’t have time to talk anyway.

Hubby: My sweetheart, my butterfruit..

Me: Don’t you have a party to go to?

Hubby: Yes.Yes. But, hey, I want to talk to you.


Men! 😛 😛

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19 Responses to On a lonely night

  1. hehehehehhh 😀 😀 butterfruit 🙂 So cute 🙂

    Oh, and ‘simply’ 😀

    I’m reminded of how I used to say sim-simply when I was a kid – Miss, shes beating me sim-simply, miss ! 😀 😀
    Me: Sim-simply..Haha! The direct translation of sum-sumney , yeah? 😉
    I remember saying as a little kid ” For me afraid afraid happening ya” – direct translation too! LOL!

  2. Scribbler says:

    LOL..I like the name ‘butterfruit’ sounds yumm 😉

    Men ! it is !!!
    Me: yep, me too 😀 !

  3. lol..you show him 😛

    and love the simply 😀
    Me: I think I did , hehe 😉

  4. aww @ the butterfruit 😀

    If I asked the DH his friend’s number, he would give it gladly coz he knows what a pain I am.. Damn the man for knowing so much about me!

    But then, I ain’t a hot mamma like u 😀
    Me: Actually Dee, Butterfruit was a term replacement for somethign else that he calls me in native tongue..that I cannot mention here 😀
    About giving the number…I know H too well and knew he wouldn’t got that route. 😛

  5. Stone says:

    buhahaha butterfruit 🙂
    Me: yep, yep, laugh you may 😀

  6. so cute! 😀
    tough to say who’s cuter though 😀

  7. I was going to say exactly what Dee said … My man would gladly give away the number … he knows me only to well.

  8. revsjoiedevivre says:

    Awwww! Look at you two! *breaking knuckles around both your heads*

  9. “see if I can make you smile” is a perfect tag! you did, and so much 🙂

  10. la Vida Loca says:

    butterfruit in tamil? Vannai-poo? doesnt make any sense.

  11. piyu says:

    Lol, he has the time to talk, only when you want to talk to his handsome friend 😛

  12. Swaram says:

    LOL Men indeed 😉

  13. chandni says:

    Good one!!!!!
    Me: Yes, me thinks so too 😉

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  15. Phatichar says:

    Nothing like a good, strong shake of the ‘male’ ego, once a while, huh? 🙂

  16. Minal says:

    I would definitely give it a try one of these days.

  17. Deboshree says:

    Landed here from Priya’s blog and glad I did! 🙂 What exactly is a butterfruit? Whatever it is, it sounds very cute. Super post.

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