A letter to you..

Paapu dear,

You turned ten months last week. TEN MONTHS. I can still visualize  your tiny pink face as a one day old in my arms.  Gosh! At this rate, you will be going to college..like day after tomorrow! No, don’t giggle. I am a little scared at  the pace time passes by these days. I try to snatch and gulp every single moment around you, try to etch the  picture tight in my memory. But, you know how poor Amma’s memory works. It is rusty and has many starting  troubles, especially when invoked far in future.

So, I jotted down some of those moments to re-live that utter joy and at times, great pride. Read along.. 

We all went Ooh-Aah! at your standing-with-support. When did you start that? Seventh month? Yes, and that was  way ahead of the text book time 🙂 The sofa, the table, the suitcase and even the knees of people around you –  you cruised all through the room on two legs holding anything and everything within reach.

Climbing the stairs, they said, starts around 10-11 months. But, in true Paapu style you figured it out by the  eighth month, one step at a time. Oh how fun it was to watch you go up the stairs in rapid speed and turn back to  look at us on the way, flash a toothless grin and continue. However, what made you yell later was the fact that  you did not know how to get down. Haha! You did try a couple of times to do it and rolled down a  few ( carpeted) stairs  and then gave up. Ah, such puppy faces and tear-jerking acts to get us help you. One little  drama queen in the making 😀

Anyway, it only took a few more days for you to figure the right technique to get down safely. The first time  you turned around and slid down the stairs safely, my heart thumped hard, but exclaimed with pride , of course 🙂

Did I mention how much fun it is to try playing catch with you ? The way you pretend to run (!!) and scream in  excitement each time we pretend to chase. Holding on to anything on the way and climbing up and down the  stairs..it did not matter that at such assumed great speeds you moved only a few inches after all 😉

Then, one day, at barely 9.5 months, you took your first steps without support! While I stopped breathing and gaped  at you, you smiled as if nothing was new. Just 2 steps and then thud on the floor before you tried it again later. Well, Amma got really excited each time you took a step and shouted to call everyone. Maybe the  shock of the sound made you lose balance most times. Sorry baby boo, but Appa still blames me for that. Hehe.

The milestones and all that apart, I have seen you developing a very delightful little personality over time. May be I am  love struck, but I think you will grow up to be an absolutely adorable person! Here are some proof points –

  • You wake up at least 30 minutes ahead of me and then when I bring you to my bed, wait quietly with eyes wide  open..sucking thumb on one and stroking my hair with other. Who tells you Amma needs that extra minutes of  sleep? Who tells you she needs those caring strokes too? 🙂
  • When it comes to Appa, you are the naughtiest brat around. Pulling on his nose, poking his eyes, tugging his hair and what not. You never make it easy for him..maybe because he is such a trouble maker to you! The empty milk cans that he shoves into your shirt while you squirm to get it out,  the holding you by the shirt and lifting you like a bunny rabbit, the playful pinching of your nose and laughing  at your annoyed expression, the non-stop tickling on the tummy – you know he deserves stern treatment, don’t you? 😀
  • When other kids snatch a toy from you or push you unknowingly, you don’t even give them a second glance. For you,  there are always more interesting toys and better things to get busy. However, when there is a laughing fit among the other  kids, you promptly join in the fun. Wish everyone learnt to let go of the bad and just swoop in the good this  early!
  • Anyone and everyone who smiles at you is your friend! I just stand there calling out for you, while you walk  towards them, with little steps , wide stretched arms and a gleeful face. Stranger anxiety…hmm..now,  what’s that? 😉
  • The way you tilt your head when you want to make someone smile, the way you mumble ‘Ganaa’ and salute in  response to ‘Good Night!”, the way you pretend innocence when I ask “What have you picked and put in your  mouth?”, the way you point to the ‘Panda’ in the picture book and look at the stuffed panda lying on the floor  with informed delight..

.. all these and much more.The list can go on 🙂

We are travelling to India in a couple of weeks and I cannot even begin to tell you how great a feeling it is ! To  go to my home town along with you, the excitement showing you off to my dear aunts, uncles, friends and cousins, to  think how you will be the sole object of attraction to so many for those days. My first time as a mother in my  motherland 🙂

Keep growing beautifully, just like you are. Do not mind my silly complaints against time and its unstoppable  speed.

Stay well my sweet heart. Stay happy, always.

With love,


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23 Responses to A letter to you..

  1. Aww..how do I even write anything after looking at this pic.. all comments went out the window with that smile 🙂

    Dear Paapu,
    I am so upset with Amma for taking such long breaks before giving us a glimpse into your cute little world. Don’t give her that pat on her head in the morning if she takes more than a couple of weeks break from writing about you.
    And sweetheart go and win all the hearts in India. Make them fall in love like crazy so that everyone packs their bags and comes visits you once you are back.

    And, sure..
    Much Love 🙂
    Me: Yes maasi…will convey this to Amma. In fact, I heard her muttering curses on herself for taking so long to post my updates. You see, if she doesn’t keep them coming regularly, I’ll grow up too fast for her to catch up 😉

    India trip – I have no clue what you all are talking. But everyone really seem excited. Hoping I’ll find loads of friends to play catch there!

  2. My heart melted at the sight of the pic!

    Gosh! She has grown up, hasn’t she? And yes, like Comfy said…we need more Paapu here 🙂

    Have a safe and enjoyable trip and I’m damn sure everyone will go ga-ga over her and her cute antics 🙂 Have fun with the family 🙂

    …and come back with pics and stories to tell us 🙂
    Me: Grown up, hasn’t she? You people are better judges than me who see her everyday 🙂
    Will come back with lot of pics and some interesting stories for sure! Will try ( ahem) to update with the post as soon as am back. 😀

  3. Revs says:

    Awwww is all I’d say. I’m ready to worship her. She had me at the ‘quietly watching you sleep and stroking your hair’ bit. Sigh! I want a baby now 😦

    Me: Stroking the hair..is more like playing with it, can say. But good enough 🙂
    Worship Paapu? Aha…please bow down since am the mother of the worshipped 😛 😛

    Baby making – go do it with the ‘fun way’..not using a donor, k?

    • Rev Rev..this is Paapu we are talking about who has imbibed all the good things from AHK.. Your baby will do none of the stroking hair bit. You might want to reconcider wanting a baby part, I say.. 😛 😛

      (runs away)
      Me: Good things? If I heard right from my mom..I was nasty naughty. Anyways, baby making is all fine by me Comfy..but with one condition. Read my response to Revs above 😉

  4. jottingsnmusings says:

    Awww, such a warm fuzzy feeling this post invoked. 10 months – how could they grow up so fast!!! And its so wonderful to see them develop their own personality na? Paapu sounds like a wise and caring soul already. Ignoring the bad, delighting in the good and stroking Amma’s hair – way to go baby! Muah! Lots of love and kisses to you sweetie. Stay happy always.

    P.S. I was amazed to know Paapu walks and climbs stairs already. Had to pinch myself to stop making comparisons with Baby M who is just pulling himself up holding onto furniture. Okay, I know I shouldn’t compare. Will stop now. 🙂

    Me: Beautiful comment. Thanks dear 🙂 Will pass on your love and wishes.
    Yes, pinch yourself hard..because comparison is no good. They are all precious! Paapu has not a spec of sign for teethign yet..while many her age sport a pair of 4 😉

    And hey, Post update about your little prince pls!p

  5. HappyFeet says:

    she has grown up to be such a doll AHK! I know the milestones you are talking about, I can understand you getting all excited and shouting to call everyone, I get a call from sis everytime something new happens! 🙂

    I am so melted by that angelic smile of hers I tell you. And I am so thrilled about ur India visit, because I know it is Bangalore u’ll be in. Meet me ok, I want to see that doll in person 🙂
    Me: You do understand my excitement no? Phew! I thought I am the only nutcase who scares the baby with her excitement 😉
    B’lore during Inda trip will be only few days dear ..will mostly spend in my home town and then Hubby’s.

  6. Awwwww…show off mommy – to your heart’s content…

    and pls do a better job of showing pappu off to us too..

    and patting your head ….Awww Awww and more Awwww…i almost want a baby NOW!
    Me: Yes, yes, one update in 2 months ( almost)..hmmp, badme.
    Sorry re.

    Go, have a baby…its awesome fun makin’ one I say 😀

  7. Its so heartening to see her growing up! While she mite not be the itty-bity baby anymore, she is becoming her own person and that is so amazing!

    Ur coming to India? Any chance of coming to Bangalore and meeting up?
    Me: Yes, comign to B’lore for only a few days. Will definitely call ya babes.

  8. you idiot. you made me cry.

    love love love this pic! she’ll be the star of the show when you are here! 😀

    i loved that part abt. you shouting when she stood without support and H’s conclusion that she fell because of that 😀 bad mommy, eh? 😀

    all of them very very treasure-chest worthy milestones/memories. may there be many more and may she go to college after years, not day after tomorrow 😀

  9. awww
    Give her a big kissy from me.

  10. Oh my! She looks like a bright red delicious cherry! 😀
    mmuahs Paapu doll, God bless you 🙂

  11. Gnightgirl says:

    I smiled through this entire post, and clapped my hands when I got to see photo at the end! Yayyy! She’s so beautiful!

  12. Dwija says:

    Hey AHK, Came here after a long break…Oh so lovely to see paapu!!! She is so adorable… To me, she resembles you.. in all the few pics I have seen on your blog… But, she sure is a heart breaker…. Loadsa love to her!!
    Aint babies truly a gift.. I cant agree better with what all you say about paapu, after I had my lil one a few months back…

  13. Titaxy says:

    omg, how did i miss this post..such a sweet sweet post, AHK…by the time i got towards the end , i was hoping there was more to read…i didnt want it to end…pls post paapu udates more often 😀

    and she looks oh-so-delicious…what a cute and beautiful baby!

  14. ilovelucy says:

    Dear Paapu,

    I still remember how I was actually chatting online with your silly Amma a few hours before and after you were born! You seem to have imbibed that free-spiritedness from here! It was so nice to read about all that you have been upto. And that sweet dimpled smile….I could just eat you up, you little cuddly bear! Do make sure that your Amma writes more often about and everything else around her, but mostly about you..


  15. Roop Rai says:

    omgosh, i feel like she is my baby just like it feels for many of your readers. i wish you guys just the best. she is lovelyyy!! may she only get lovelier. muahs to all!!

    and more updates pleaseee. enjoy your trip to India. be safe. 🙂

  16. la Vida Loca says:

    I thought I commented on this post.
    I want to see her again! She is such a delight!

  17. Seena says:

    Pappu smile is so cute..Big Kala Tikka for this post..

  18. scorpria says:

    That’s such innocence, such love and such happiness, all together in one sigle second caught in a click of a button!

    She’ll definitely grow up into a much-loved and much coveted sweetheart 🙂 Muah, Paapu. You’re a chakkara kudukka 🙂

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