Of Adventures and Surprises – I

When we bit through the juicy honeydew slices and hungrily gulped down the spicy lentil rice packed in a plastic box, the sound of the crystal water flowing next to us sounded like music. The day was bright and chirpy .The hubby, the baby and a few friends were all happy and smiling for no reason at all. The hike was yet to begin and we hardly thought of the adventure it may entail.

After we fastened the 13 month old in a sling cozily behind the husband’s back, we set off with a few water bottles , a back pack and a little spring of excitement in our steps.

The trail was smooth and the company was spirited. The gradual catching up of altitude hardly made much difference to the young zealous minds. Between the small talks and the chatter, we prided ourselves over the panting-hapless faces returning back from the hike on the same path. Little did we know..maybe.

About 30 minutes into the walking, when the sweat drops were just forming on the forehead, I stood aside to sip the cold water from my bottle and then drink some greenness around me. That was when I actually noticed the gushing sound and followed to peep down the trail edge. The scene was more than what I asked for, and I was thankful. Much needed rejuvenation and nature compelling to move forward, to try and seek the origin of this ruthlessly beautiful sight.

The trail got steeper and the heartbeats started to get audibly loud with exertion. The altitude brought a cold nip in the air, which graduated to little kisses of icy chillness. The smooth path morphed into rocky hardness and the puddles of water in the mud indicated the upcoming slippery prospect.

I looked up to seek the husband and saw him walking steadily ahead. The little one slept on the sling, blissfully, swaying to the her father’s unperturbed steps forward. I called out and got a quick backward glance to convey all is well. Caring words were exchanged -“Be careful..ice up here. Very slippery. Get on all fours if needed”.

The icy mud sloshed under the shoes, but the dampness smelt sweet, somehow. The distant roaring of the waterfall started sending down cool showers of faint mist wetting our warm sweaty skin..and the heart knew the efforts were going to be well worth it.

There were few moments of faltering, of unexpected slips down the moist cold rocks, of brown black damp soil making silly patters on the palms ..when I fell on all fours..and sometimes just on the butt. However, there were strangers with beautiful souls and helpful hands extending forward to help me get back on track. There was a concerned pause from the husband walking much ahead.. but still next to me.

The minutes and then the hour passed by, without any sign of the end nearing. Though the views on the way were prizes enough to be pleased, the neck still craned to get a glimpse of the real thing. Then, there was the rock. The giant vertical rock, black as kohl tinged with liquid green mossy patches all over . A little chisel of stairs invited the climbers to chug up. The husband, with the now openly awake baby on his back ( silently wondering, ‘where in the world am I?’), stops to ask “What happened?” and I gasp for breath to say “Don’t think will want to go anymore. Give me the baby and you carry on”. “No”, he said. “You are coming” and that was all I needed to pull myself ahead to join them on the vertical rock.

As I walked up the narrow stairs on that rock, feeling the green moss on my hands and the plump water drops on my body, dripping from above, I knew I did right. Those steps, I sensed, promised splendid gifts at the end. I planted a hearty kiss on my baby and then my man for keeping me inspired.

Notice the little line of steps where Im standing?

Right after the stairs ended, the final prize was almost in view. A few more steps and quick climbing over a hurdle ..and there is was!

We stood there…breathless with delight..right on the top of the waterfall !

The innocence of the simple flowing river water suddenly gave way to ferocious jumping down a height of 240 feet ..all right in front of us!

Paapu taking it all in..

This is where rainbows live..

Easily one of the most spectacular moments of my life.


[ P.S : The last weekend was a highly delectable mix of Adventure and Surprise in equal proportions. This narration is the first half of it..Adventure. The latter part, Surprise bit, is coming up next. Watch this space, my dearies]

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46 Responses to Of Adventures and Surprises – I

  1. revsjoiedevivre says:

    Love love love the way you have used the descriptive words here 🙂 I could smell, feel and almost see everything you said! Can’t wait for the next part 😀

  2. Never Mind says:

    Is this the Mist trail in Yosemite to Vernal and Nevada Falls? If it is, very brave of you to have hiked with Paapu. Can’t wait for the surprise.

  3. Pepper says:

    😀 😀 😀 .. What a beautiful place!
    What surprise btw? Why don’t I know about it? 😛

  4. cmck says:

    Great pics!! which place is this?

  5. Absolutely beautiful place!! Great narration 🙂 Loved it!!

    Please bring on the surprise now!! Cant wait 😀

    Loved Paapu’s pic 🙂

  6. jottingsnmusings says:

    You have me speechless A! Just one word comes to mind – WOW!!! 😀 You must be so glad you kept going. And hats off to your hubby for taking Paapu all the way up!

    This is the only thing I really miss after the move to India you know – having spectacular nature almost in my backyard. India has great beauty too, but it takes so much effort and planning and time to reach out to it.

    • Thanks for the wonderful comment 🙂

      Yes, I wouldn’t keep going if not for the husband’s enthusiasm.

      I agree – India has unimaginably beautiful places, but will require unimaginable levels of planning and efforts to get there.

  7. Kisses of icy chillness- are you a poet? If not, consider it! Seriously! You were toying with my imagination with those words there.

    AHK is writing a series! Jackpot 😀

    • No poet Rays.But thanks for the nice compliments 🙂

      Sweated it out to write the narration as much as I did on the hike. 😛

      Glad you liked the Kisses of icy chillness – now go and practice some 😉

  8. Surprise?!? Surprise?!?

    And Revs knows..

    Hmmpphhh.. 😦

    • What?! That last line took away everything else written before that?

      Nothing in the lines of – nicely written. Wow, great pics..

      Hmmph. 😦

      [ Revs is one big sherlock holmes kano..will know things even before they happen. Chill, surprise post almost ready]

  9. Bikram says:

    amazing .. and what a place to go for hiking.. look at those mountains and the waterfall Beautiful ….

    and the place where rainbow lives I want ot go there tooooo 🙂

  10. anna's mom says:

    what a lovely place. and what a lovely post. could almost feel myself hiking along with you. and you took a baby on what seems like a difficult hike. i am in awe. must pull up my socks and plan something fun. been wanting to for a long time but ‘maybe tomorrow’ is my middle name.

  11. Titaxy says:

    what a poetic narration, AHK! Loved it! and that place – WOW…would love to hike up there someday 🙂

  12. Doli says:

    Is this in Yosemite? if it is, you are truly brave to do it with a child 🙂

  13. Stone says:

    Awesome post.
    Hats off to you guys for braving slippery trails.

  14. Comfy says:

    I have been here. I have been here. I have done with hike. The water level was low but I still loved every min of it. Only in place of ice and snow, change it to sand and dust. Loved looking at all the pictues and going back in time.

    And err..I know the next part too, I think 😀 😀

    Thank You Rev. Muah. 😀

  15. wow! this is different from your usual, personal style,no, AHK? but you described it so beautifully! you two are such cool people! Paapu is going to grow up thinking that this is the normal life 😀 is this her second hike?

    lovely pics, especially the one of her standing and seeing it all.

    and i DONT know what the surprise is.. out with it, okay?

    • Hey – I loved your comment 🙂
      One person who clearly noticed that I used a different style ( for which I really used almost all of my vocabulary.hehe)

      Yes, thats that plan Abhi, Paapu needs to grow up believing she is part of nature.. getting back to it whenever possible. Isn’t that the way really? 🙂

  16. soulmate says:

    wow… hiking… Thts the best part about US… looks like a lot of fun… the little angel will cherish these posts once she grows up…

  17. Enchanted says:

    Lovely!!! This please is so beautiful and you have done such a fab job of capturing all the pics and the excitement, makes me want to go too.

    Please do share where is this?

  18. Dream Pedlar says:

    Wow! The view from the top is simply breathtaking!!!

  19. La Vida Loca says:

    This is great!
    You are preggers gain? That’s wonderful not surprising considering couple of posts down stream! 🙂 😛

    • Preggers? How in the name of this crazy world did you get that idea from the post LvL?

      Oh, seems like somebody seems to be thinkign preggy thoughts these days. Good luck! 😉


  20. Pingback: Of Adventures and Surprises – II « Rendezvous with my self..

  21. U had the guts to hike with ur little one??? Kudooooos to you and your husband!
    Im the paranoid mom n ur post has definately inspired me to be a little more adventurous with my little brat:-)

  22. Roop says:

    You wrote this so well! I could feel I was there, and I still haven’t gotten over the fact that you guys hiked up there with a little baby in tow! much much power to you and yours! 🙂

  23. Anu says:

    gosh! such awesome pictures! you guys are really brave to have gone on this hike with the li’l one! kudos to you!
    she’s lucky to have such sporting fun-loving parents 🙂

  24. Anu says:

    and also, lovely writing… you’ve described it all so well that you almost take us through hand in hand 🙂

  25. Minal says:

    So one can not only travel but also trek with a small baby- you have given me hope. 🙂

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