Of Adventures and Surprises – II

The brilliantly rewarding day ended with a charming dusk – a bunch of friends sitting around the campfire, sipping the smooth velvet wine under the full moon sky.

Was I too drunk with the beauty of the whole experience, or was it the spirit seeping through my veins? I could not say.

Again, making people jump after attempts to heat food on a paper plate in the camp fire….or flinging a marshmallow-on-fire after a sincere effort at roasting – can happen to any soberly sensible person, yes? I thought so. 😉

The cabin (yurt) we stayed was such a cozy cocoon of warmth, we slept tight only to wake up to a juicy-sweet morning. Lying right next to my baby and my man, I shall always remember the thick golden rays from the skylight ..sensuously reaching out to caress the eyelids .

I set out with my people into the valley again, to savor it all some more before heading back home. Half a day of dainty wilderness and no action plans – it could not get better. I would be lucky to spot a few blue jays and deer on the way. It was dainty alright, and I did spot the blue jay and the deer, but an unbelievable coincidence that day made it extraordinary incredible!

Want a slice of the scene?

Flash back, cut to the moment when a car drives into some parking lot.

Zoom inside the car, a silver grey Infinity. Passengers include a chirpy young girl and her smart young boy.


Girl : Hey Boy, AHK said she is going to the valley this weekend. We should ask her details about the overnight stay.

Boy: Sure. Wait…you said AHK? Look there’s a girl in that car parked across ours. It might be her.

Girl: * laughs* Here? Yeah right! As if I’ll fall for that.

Boy: No, I really think so.

Girl: Huh? How can you say? You just know her by the blog.

Boy: There’s a baby in the car too..the stroller..

Girl: Oh, shut up 🙂




That girl who got down the other car with a baby takes one look at this Girl and walks right up to her..



“Heyyyy Pepper!! Hi ! This is AHK”


The look on the poor little chirpy girl was absolutely Priceless.

Shock. Disbelief. Happy. Arey! What? Really? No way!  – all bundled up in one expression.

And me? I was just too excited about seeing Pepper and Mint so unexpectedly, not even sure what else I said/did. Squealed, jumped, laughed, hugged or all that at once. Who remembers? 😉

But one thing I remember saying – “The eyes. I knew it was you right away Pepper. Those eyes gave you away first! ”

For the record, she does have dazzlingly beautiful pair of eyes. Cannot miss those. Also, you cannot miss Mint standing right next – sweet and smiling away nonchalantly.

Out of all days and all places, we had to be there the same day, same time, the same location and the same frigging parking lot! Wow, what a beautiful coincidence!

It took a few minutes for the excitement to settle down. As Pepper gushed over Paapu’s (seemingly) innocent looks, Mint got talking with the husband .( Turns out they studied in the same school, same city, although different year).

The visitors walking to a nearby waterfall must have wondered about two girls who spoke non-stop, laughed too much, hugged every other minute and generally acted lunatic together, without giving much of a glance towards the mesmerizing waterfalls right in front of them.

[ Special mention to the part of the conversation where AHK and Pepper were too excited for their bratty little friend, who just bagged her first dream job. An excited little jig was carried out in her honor 😉 ]

Now, is there an award for the coolest, most awesome surprise bloggers meet in the best of locations ever?  Ladies and Gentlemen..look no further, here is the clear winner. 😀


“It’s a small world”, they say. I agree and add, “full of delightful surprises!” 🙂

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48 Responses to Of Adventures and Surprises – II

  1. HappyFeet says:

    WOW!! 🙂
    That’s so cool!
    And what? No Paapu pic in this post???? Blasphemy woman!!! How can u?

  2. Take 2 portions of black, half of indigo and three portions of leaf green. Mix them together with very little water to get a deep shade of green. I am that shade now 😐


    Ps: loved the sunlight pic!

  3. Bikram says:

    Awesome… I bet you guys had a good time and yeah what a coincidence …

    Lovely place it looks to be and obviously the People in the pic also are lovely 🙂

  4. Titaxy says:


    **goes away thinking whether there’s a way she can move to the west coast**

  5. Titaxy says:

    the sunlight pic is priceless, AHK.

    (ok i’ll stop hogging your comment space now) 🙂

  6. Swaram says:

    Wow! I can’t believe this!

  7. Pepper says:

    I am still struggling for words to type this comment. That was the most awesome, most terrific coincidence ever 😀 I am so glad I met Paapu..and.. err you too 😛

    The conversation I had just had with Mint is what made it all the more unbelievable when you just appeared. He always plays around like that and I saw no reason to believe him. And then you suddenly walked over 😀

    I loved this post. Of course I love all posts that talk about me, but the wonderful description of the coincidence in this one makes me grin so much. I wish the post was longer..;)

  8. omg! totally fun!!! what a brilliant coincidence!

  9. Comfy says:

    I knew all this. I did. But still reading it here in words makes me a little green and makes me smile big time. 🙂

    But I can still claim that I saw Paapu first, right? I can live with that. 😀

  10. This is an awesome meet..I still can’t believe it is true. Your cabin looks so beautiful..I have never seen such a beautiful cabin in my life..

  11. ~G says:

    Really? THAT happened? Hard to believe but I will buy it.. 🙂
    Lovely sunlight pic by the way!

  12. La Vida Loca says:


  13. chandni says:

    how cool
    ! looks like a lot of fun!

  14. Mayborngemini says:

    that’s the most beautiful cabin ever…absolutely wonderful.great picture…
    And the funnest coincidence …

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  16. Nova says:

    Quite a conincidence. I just came from Pepper’s blog. First visit to her blog and yours and I must say, it was good fun reading about it 🙂

  17. Nidhi says:

    so cute

  18. scorpria says:

    Hopped over from Pepper’s!
    I checked out quite a few of your posts too — and Pepper’s right — there’s pure passion and honesty in your words. I love them!

    And pls oh pls…where’s paapu’s pic? 😦

    Will be a regular here 🙂 You rock !

  19. I am going to copy paste the message on pepper’s post – Jealous Jealous…of your trip, meeting bloggers, good “non melting” weather…all jealous hmmph…

    ok also jealous of the “yurt” and oooh very jealous of pepper meeting Ms edible cheeks 🙂

  20. Sujatha says:

    Wow, that is so cool!. I was just researching about Yurt and here you have a pic of it. Any tips that I can use? Planning to go camping in Mt Madonna for the long weekend…

    P.S. Long time reader but never commented.

  21. Roop says:

    oh WOW, yall are meant to be!!! :)) I am so jealous!! both that you guys met like that and that you live soooo close to such a beautiful place. i miss canada :(. houston sucks. someone get me out of hereee!! 😀

  22. Anu says:

    wow! that must’ve been a wonderful surprise! something that makes the trip all the more sweeter…
    btw, that is a beautiful cabin and a lovely pic!

  23. D says:

    Oh wow! How cool is that – running into a blogger friend just like that.

    And the pics – they look tempting!

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  25. Scribby says:

    lovely cabin for sure AHK 🙂

    And the meet-no words !!! literally 🙂

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