Letter to the naughty one

Dear Paapu,

It has been a while since I wrote to you. Before the heartless  time sweeps away the little memories of your mischief from my rickety brain, let me jot them down for you in bullet points. Then, one day when I embarrass you with narrations and you claim they are half baked , I shall have documented proof to show 😀

  •  I have a poor little ponytail which makes appearance only at home where the audience cannot go ‘tch tch’ at its bare existence. But, seems like , you are all eyes for this little ensemble of hair haphazardly bunched and held with a rubber band on my head. The moment I carelessly dump myself on the floor after a long day, you usually sneak up from behind gripping the ponytail and tugging hard until I scream. Lot of helpless giggling happens even when Amma pretends all serious to say ‘No!!’.
  • You see me in and around the kitchen most times and I hardly noticed how much you were observing until you started sitting down on the kitchen floor with a vessel and spoon pretending to cook already! On good days, me and Appa get fed from your vessel direct into the mouth.Yumm! 😉

Yet to be patented art of cooking..with the mouth.

  •  The bathroom door opens up unlimited possibilities for your games. One of them being ‘The toilet challenge!’. The rules are simple – Run inside as soon as the door opens, make a head dash towards the toilet commode, touch the toilet seat and turn to Amma with a flash of wickedly naughty smile ..while she jumps to stop you. She’ll say ‘Noooooo!’ and cringe before proceeding to wash your hands. It’s way too funny for you- that look on Amma’s face. You don’t want to miss it when the bathroom door opens – every. single. time.
  •  When none of your other ideas to make Amma jump out of her skin works, there are always the drawers. Yes, you love them – all of them. Be it  cosmetic drawer with nail polish and mascara, Appa’s drawer with shaving gel and nail cutter, laundry drawer with socks and chaddis – you know how to open them, hurl out the contents and make the room look gorgeous , all within a matter of few seconds I take to enter the scene.
  • You have 4 bunny teeth now – just four , 2 in the bottom front and 2 right above them. But, somehow that makes you think you are the master of biting business. Not only do you demand the carrot and breadsticks to chomp with those four, but also the hard and crunchy murukku/chakkuli. It doesn’t stop there though. The true test of those fiery weapons is carried out on the unsuspecting victim , namely Amma, sitting on the sofa, minding her work. There is a warm salivating feeling on her legs and the next thing she knows you are hanging on to her pants digging your teeth into her legs. If she is not fast enough to pull away, it only implies you to try your skills with more vigour.No form of strict warning is able to make you stop smiling in glee.
  • Though this stage has quickly passed, and you don’t do it anymore, here is another one to remember.

              You: Mammammm..mammamm..* pointing to the kitchen cupboard *

              Me: Paapu, are you hungry?

              You: Eh?

              Me: I said, are you hungry?

              You: Eh?

              Me: Want anything to eat?

              You: Eh?

              Me: Want some milk?

              You: Eh?

              Me: Here, have a snack then.

              You: Ehhh?

              Me: Eh?

              You: * munching * ( happily walks away with the snack )

               …Yes, you were capable of having an entire conversation with just the ‘Eh’. To notice the subtle variations in tone and decipher your expression was totally upto us.I hope we passed the test 😀

  •  You love shoes. And wearing them. And walking out wearing them. And walking out wearing them without your pants on. No problem there 😛
  • Everyone has their own comfort position to sleep. Some sleep on their back, some on their tummy and some on their sides. But you are , as I see it, special! You sleep on your face. The hands, legs, back and butt hang there , all balanced by the face. I call it the ‘bottoms up!’ position 😀

  •  If there is something that you adore more than..ahem..your Amma, it is..err, not the Appa ( of course he comes later) – it is ‘Bow Bow’! In other words, you are totally in love with dogs. The moment you spot one, you have to point at it and shout ‘Bow Bow!!”, as if that was the first time you spotted a canine. The next thing , you follow it full speed. Doesn’t matter if the owner of the dog is walking it away, far off in the park. Doesn’t matter if Appa-Amma are left behind gaping at their 15 month old walking after a dog with no plans to even look back! I know you’ll want a pet sooner than you can spell D-O-G. But, I love them too. So, Yay! 🙂

At 15 months, you are such a delight Paapu. I would not have you any other way! Many a times, my heart swells with so much love, there is no word or action to manifest the feeling. Those are the times when I tickle you hard and bury my face in your sweet smelling tummy for as long as I can.

With love,

Your Amma

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29 Responses to Letter to the naughty one

  1. Comfy says:

    You wrote..you wrote! And that too about Paapu.

    *goes off to do a happy dance*

    *ok back* Phew! tired. Let me get my breath.

    AHK let me tell you..what? What? Buzz let me write..

    Hey Paapu my sweet little friend,
    Mumma’s hair and toilets are soo much fun are they not? Why can’t Amma understand the simple facts. And if we don’t chew on everything we can find how will we sharpen out teeth for future use? More importantly why can’t they understand that to us ‘No’ means ‘go’ and as fast as we can at that? These adults I tell you, such slow learners.

    You are doing awesome, just as we planned it all. Is it not fun to watch Amma to jump through hoops all around us? So continue on.

    Till we see each other again to exchange more tips and trick.

    Your slightly bigger little friend,

    Sorry AHK, I don’t think I can add any more here.
    Sad, dejected

    • Hahahha!!! Comfy, you took the cake girl! I mean, Buzzie just took it away 😀

      Poor me never knew – No means Go..Go Fast! Now they tell me.

      Anyways, we’ll have a very-close-eye on both these little monkey brands before they get together to plan more evil, ok?


      • revsjoiedevivre says:

        Bwahahahahaaa! You try AHK, you try! Did you not know that I’m the chief adviser to both these little darlings! 😉 Buzz and I meet during sleep hours and we strategically plan all this. Buzz teaches Paapu as well 😛 Soon, we’ll get Paapu also to join our board meetings 😛

  2. Never Mind says:

    Sahiti also loves to sleep “bottoms up” ever since she learned to roll over. It used to stress me out big time in the beginning.

    I really need to see her soon!

  3. R's Mom says:

    oh my God thank you thank you thank you for putting up this pic…R sleeps like that even when she is THREE and I was getting a bit worried that she was the only one (besides my cousin) who slept in this position..thank you AHK. or rather thank you Paapu (Muah, I love you).and before you wonder who I am 🙂 I just started following your blog..came here from comfy 🙂 I loved the sweet letter you wrote 🙂 and whats with kids and the toilet!

  4. Love the fact that she loves dogs..

    Girl after my heart 🙂

  5. Awww such a cute post…and i love love the photo with the spoon in the mouth. She promises to be a multitasker.

    AHK – U need to do Pappu posts more often – remember rickety brain, your words not mine!

  6. HappyFeet says:

    Lovely post!
    I have a cousin who slept the same way when she was a lil kid. Its so cute to watch 🙂

    I love the ‘eh’ conversation! Awesomeness.
    That lil kid, when so I get to see her? Plan your next trip already!! 🙂

  7. Roop Rai says:

    Awwwww! Got me all teary eyed!!! Paapu has this amazingly endearing pull on me. Perhaps cuz I’ve known her since my first preg that didn’t … I was soo happy when she was born. In a way, helped me heal. I know it might sound freakishly weird to you haha. But I guess, sometimes, unknowingly, your brain makes connections you want to cherish forever. This is one of ’em for me. May she always be happy. 🙂

  8. Can I send an e-kiss for the little bum?:D Sent 😀 Pliss to be planting it on the bum 😀

    I agree with Roop wholeheartedly – sometimes your brain makes connections you want to cherish forever 🙂 Thats exactly how I feel too 🙂

  9. D says:

    Wow, at just 15 months girls begin to show their girls. She loves shoes already, doesn’t she? 🙂

  10. Pepper says:

    Lookie!! A Paapu update, and I am so late!! 😦

    I can totally imagine the bathroom scenario. What fun. I hope you keep making Amma dance like that Paapu darling 😀
    And I am one of the fortunate few who have witnessed your ‘Bow Bow’ fascination in person 😀
    I can’t believe you are 15 months already baby. Seems like you were just born. Why are you in such a rush to grow up? Slow down a little..

  11. Deepa says:

    She is very adorable!!

  12. Paapu rocks 😀
    I love that bum-aasan 😀
    Sigh, I know I am repeating myself, but that baby of yours is edible 😀

    You know this post of yours brought back such a fond memory! Let me thank you before I get nostalgic 🙂

    Amma has long silky hair which she ties up into a bun at the top of her head.

    When I was really little I remember so clearly that I used to run a long distance(say from bedroom to kitchen where she was standing) and just a few feet away from her, I would leap into the air to tap the bun and make it unwind and he hair fall beautifully. I was very athletic like that 😀

    It did not matter how much she screamed, punished or called me a korangu, I loved doing that from her behind. When I grew taller, I used to stand up on my toes, stretching my hand high up and then tapping it. Then I grew taller so I started tapping it with my head. Finally now, I tap with my hand while doing something else involuntarily 😀

    She still calls me a korangu and I still have not grown up 😀

  13. That’s a beautiful letter to Paapu , I am sure she will enjoy reading them when she is old enough to read. They look so innocent while sleeping. Loved her picture with the Tawas, she shows real multitasking skills..

  14. Scorpria says:

    Awww…beautiful is the word, for this post — and tht lil one in the pic 😉

    Hilarious bathroom tale, that one.

    Always have a streak of mischief in you, Paapu 🙂 Makes life a lot interesting 😉

    I love bow bow too 🙂 Come over next time when you’re in india, and i’ll let my bow bow be yours (er er for as long as you’re here :D)

  15. La Vida Loca says:

    I want to lightly e pinch the little butt and the face of course. When do I get to see her…

  16. springyamind says:

    Your Paapu is tooooo cute!!!…esp the bottoms up pose

  17. Achu says:

    That’s such a lovely post… And paapu is so cute 🙂 I can imagine the naughty look she must be having when playing with the toilet seat!! She loves dogs… yay!! 😀 😀

  18. Scribby says:

    lol @ the pony tail incident 😛

    what an cook she is already 😉

    you know what even my daughter loves sleeping in ‘bottoms up’ position !! sigh these tiny tots 🙂 they look so cute when they sleep and especially in this position 🙂

    this is so much fun to read..toilet stories,eh conversation,loving dogs,shoes and drawers..my my !!

    I’m so waiting for my daughter to grow up to do all this 🙂

    babies are so much for us and for others too 🙂

  19. OMG! Its almost like Im reading my sons childhood…rather the infant stage! awesome idea AHK! You have inspired me and must say you are a wonderful, thoughtful and a very creative mom:) Happiness to you and your entire family!

  20. Deelicious says:

    delurking to say that I totally love your paapu.

  21. smartassbride says:

    appaadi! an update 😀

    love love the chef-in-the-making picture 😀 and that toilet scene had me in splits! she so knows how to push your buttons *hi fives paapu*

    get her a bow-bow already! and dont worry about the proof to teenage paapu..we will all be there to say “yeah yeah, you did that!” and she can roll her eyes and run from the room 😀

  22. RS says:

    Nice post from you – that too a Paapu update – wow!
    Guess what – even chutku sleeps like that… And that shoes thing – Bingo!!! No pants/no diapers- as long as his shoes are there – thats enough! 😀

    I think Im the last one here 😦

  23. Anusha says:

    Hi AHK,

    I have been reading your blog for quite some time,but never commented…..just love your letters to Pappu, She is such a bundle of joy….Love to her 🙂

  24. sreelu says:

    hope you are having dear, tc

  25. Minal says:

    awww another awww at the sleeping picture. And I think Paapu should come and meet Zero -soon, very soon!

  26. Ravikant says:

    excellent amma…. i really loved the way you wrote…… 🙂 really really awesome….

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