Convos to remember

Few recent conversations ..effectuating different emotions and standing out for that exact reason.


What? That’s all?! moment 

He comes back from an evening out with a buddy.

Me: Hey Hon, how was the evening?

Him: Good. You know, Pb told me it is second marriage for Lm ( his wife).

Me: What? Lm has been married before?! We know them for years, never had a clue. Anyway, what happened with her first marriage?

Him: I don’t know.

Me: I mean, did she divorce her first husband or ..lost him?

Him: I don’t know.

Me: What do you mean I don’t know?

Him: He said it’s his wife’s second marriage ..

Me: ..and ..?

Him: And I said, ‘Oh, ok’

Me: “Oh, ok”? That’s it?

Him: Yep.


 Ayyo, think before you talk! moment 

A group of us, office friends talking during a office party

Guy1 : You know, something funny happened last evening.

Me: What happened?

Guy1: I went to the restroom in a restaurant and finished my business..

Me: Okay..

Guy1: Came out and was washing hands when a lady entered. She muttered an embarrassed “sorry” and I calmly said “Oh, that’s ok”.

Girl2: Wrong restroom case..

Guy1: I walked out and then saw her standing right there looking at me and the sign outside quite annoyed.

Girl2: Why?

Guy1: It said “Ladies” and I was walking out of it !

All :, much for the ‘sorry’ and ‘its okay’ !!

Girl2: But..but, how couldn’t you know it was a ladies restroom when you entered?

Me: Sometimes they all look the same inside

Girl2: No, but ladies restroom smells different than mens no?

[ After all of us groaned in disgust, she pathetically explained that she meant the candles and potpourri setup in restrooms are different. ]


 LOL! How pathetic is that?!! moment 

Preparations are on for a beloved cousin, PP’s surprise baby shower. It is her second baby and the first one, Ly is 2 year old. Everything is set, except for the cake. I ping the husband on chat.

Me: Hey, I ordered the cake –  Tres leches strawberry 🙂

Him: Yumm.

Me: They asked me for the wordings to write on the cake. You have any suggestions?

Him: Mmmm…let me think

Me: Okay, give me something witty or funny.

Him: Got it!

Me: Wow, that was quick. Tell me

Him: Ask them to write this on the cake: “Ly says –, give me a baby to play. PP replies – Here you go!”

Me: * RollingOnFloorLaughing * and unable to reply back .

[ No. We did not put that on the cake. Definitely not 😀 ]


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12 Responses to Convos to remember

  1. R's Mom says:

    But why didnt you put that on the cake…it would have been so super cool 🙂

    LOL on the conversations 🙂

  2. Scribby says:

    1st convo: guys across are like that,nahi? They’ll never dip in to dig 😉
    2nd convo: lol but isn’t that true ? 😉
    3rd convo: ROLF so finally what went on the cake then?

  3. soulmate says:

    The second incident… so damn embarrassing… but i can imagine the laugh.. must be a riot… :-))

  4. scorpria says:

    Lol on all three…and why didnt yu put that on the cake!? ROFL

  5. la Vida Loca says:

    what! you should have put that on the cake!

  6. These mens, I tell you. “Oh okay” suffices for them.

    and rofl at the “they look the same”. My previous office had a moronic “king/queen” sign(the one you see in cards) and I was always nervous about misreading them 😀

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