Words and Wisdom

Me: Cow Says?

Paapu: Moo Moo

Me: Pig Says?

Paapu: Oink Oink

Me: Sheep Says?

Paapu: Baa Baa

Me: Amma Says?

Paapu: Chittu !   ( one of her favorite  pet names)

Me: Appa Says?

Paapu: Grrrrrr   ( Yes, I try to be a fair when I teach. Ahem)


Parts of the body, Numbers 1 to 10, The alphabet song, Names of the animals and a dozen rhymes are all told beautifully well.  But, the moment her dad walks in,  the girl jumps up to call him ‘Amma!’ (Mom).

“No, you silly girl. That is Appa”, I say and grin. She is till not sure who is who 😛

Good. Not all is lost..there is hope 😉


Paapu is now like that little green parrot which repeats all you say and more. Say a word to her and it stays with her. Mostly comes back with added Paapuness 🙂

Serious convo with birdies up the sky.

I remember Comfy writing down the Buzz baby words some time back and I had much fun  playing the guessing game. Borrowing the idea from her, I present a sub set of Paapu’s vocabulary here. Guess if you may and then go to the comment section to view the answers.

Do tell me your score, ok? But hey..No Cheating.

  1. Shoooshh (English)
  2. Thappal (English)
  3. Jakkeeet (English)
  4. Chako-layit (English)
  5. Nanni (Tamil)
  6. Boi (English)
  7. Annana (English)
  8. Oooom (English)
  9. Thawbeyi (English)
  10. Ottay (Kannada)
  11. Gapes (English)
  12. Kwillil (English)
  13. Fowow (English)
  14. Ka (English)
  15. Tee (English)

Want a ride home anyone?

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37 Responses to Words and Wisdom

  1. Came to verify your score? Here are the answers –

    1. Shoooshh = Shoes
    2. Thappal = Chappal
    3. Jakkeeet = Jacket
    4. Chako-layit = Chocolate
    5. Nanni = Tanni ( meaning water in Tamil)
    6. Boi = Boy
    7. Annana = Banana
    8. Oooom = Om ( During prayers to God)
    9. Thawbeyi = Strawberry
    10. Ottay = Hottey ( Meaning stomach in Kannada)
    11. Gapes = Grapes
    12. Kwillil = Squirrel ( You got it right? You are a genius!)
    13. Fowow = Flower
    14. Ka = Car
    15. Tee = Tree

  2. hahahah…I think I got pretty much all but the Tamil ones !! 😀 Yay, I am now conversant in Paapu lingo 😀

    Gosh – I can’t wait to see her pic!! Put it up fosht 😀

  3. Sraikh says:

    Lost me at squirrel. I thought it would be kiwi the fruit. Lol. Such a fun age this is, isn’t it?

    Until the terror 2,3 and 4s

  4. R's Mom says:

    I got the English ones right…the Kannada ones..well I dont know them 😉

    The tamil ones…sad to say nope I didnt get those also 😦

  5. RS says:

    Hey! I got all of them right,except 1 – Oooom = Om – I have chutku at home na? 🙂 Almost similar pronounciation…

    Lovely, lets get to see the picture fast. And you should’ve given us all a chance to tell you what we think before you posted the answers 🙂

  6. I got everything except Kannada words, ooom, kwilil and fowow. I know I know, I suck 😐

    ayyo I am awwing uncontrolably over her confusing who is who. Can anybody get any cuter? 🙂

    Chittu is my fav pet name too. I used to tell Amma that if I had a baby sister, we should call her Chittu(as I was called Pattu you see) 😀

    Feels so good to read your posts. Write more often please? 🙂

    • pattu pavadai will be the only reason why I would like baby girls more than boys 😀

      And Paapu looks precious 🙂 Whatta smile! How can you not smile back!

    • All but those 3. No, you don’t suck..frankly, that puts you in ‘really good’ category! 🙂

      Chittu-Pattu. Cute! 😀 Make sure to have 2 tiny tots yourself and use them names correctly 😉

      You write such sweet comments Rays..and inspire me to write more posts too. Thank you much..what would I do here on blog world without friends like you 😀

  7. Bikram says:

    I got a few right … i thought Thappal was THAPPAD and thought WOW where di that come from he he he:)

    and will be back for the pic …

  8. Scribby says:

    3,4,6,7,9,11 & 12 🙂 ain’t it a good score to start with? 😀

  9. 11 out of 15 I think its a good score 🙂 Pappu is growing so fast, she knows so much and what a fun to read these posts..

  10. I got 10 right. Kwiwil is the bestu!

    and *smirk*, I have seen the video! ha! appa says “grrrr”?:P

    rhymes telling at 1.5 years. i was awwwing so much at the videos, i didnt realize that I havent seen many kids who at 1.5 years can do all this!

    • 10/15 = Pass, Pass 😀

      Appa says ‘Grr’ is what I taught her..mostly when Appa wasn’t around to correct 😛

      At 1.5 yrs they do that and much more Abi ! I have seen a few identifying all alphabets and reciting 1 to 100. But who cares? Why the hurry I say.

  11. shaktii says:

    thats so cute of her!
    and i like that huge bike i definitely love a ride with her!!

  12. Confession time – I came and read the post yesterday but was annoyed with no picture. I told myself I’d come and write a comment only on seeing “a” picture.

    Since you put 2… you get 2 comments!

    Good job 😀

    • I have some who are annoyed at not seeing a post here and then there are some who are annoyed even after seeing a post here! Expectations!..:P

      At least you are honest Dee. Love you for that. Next time just shoot an email and will send you her complete set of albums ok?

  13. Ohh and it goes without saying how adorable paapu is 🙂

  14. Gosh – those 2 pics are SOOOOOOOO cute!!!! Love her dress :)))

  15. Pepper says:

    Other than the Kannada ones, I got all. I feel so proud 😀

  16. rani says:

    Finally reading this post!!! Enable the full read on google reader no? Commrnting frm mu phone so bear wit spelling mess ups.
    Loved the two pics..wortg framing, both!! And i guessed all words otger than squirrel, om n tamil ones. Yes, i got tge kannada ones too 🙂
    write more often darling! 🙂

  17. Anu says:

    I too got 10 out of 15…including Squirrel!! Yay me!
    All thanks to having a kiddo at home who utters similar words 🙂 His latest is balalla and kolalla (for barolla and kodalla in case you didn’t get them)!
    Paapa looks super cute in the langa-blouse!

  18. An old timer who shut her blog says:

    Aww look at the pic. Such a cutie pie! I’m still not even a beginner in papulingo, so I’ll pass. I got some of them right though 😛

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