In the mood of being vain

Small notes I wish to leave at office desks, anonymously :


Dear guy in white T-shirt,

You are tall. You are good looking. You have an impressive gait and personality. But, why the white T-shirt always..every day since the 4 odd years I have seen you? And the pants..Oh, the pants. Green, red, yellow and orange. Really? I wonder whether you wear the same white top +Color bottom combo at home and during vacations too. Eh?


Dear girl in velvety pants,

Agreed that you have a good figure and can carry off velvet pants ( in green mostly) quite well. In fact, I was impressed when I saw you for the first time. But, come on! It is done and over now. Give the velvety ones a break. They must also be tired of endowing your butt almost every day.The normal pants will look great too, promise!


Dear guy in blue formal shirt,

I have never seen you in anything but a blue formal shirt and a black-ish trouser till date. And I have known you for more than 5 years. Smart and talented, but yet so self cautious always! Let go a little and smile heartily sometimes. Maybe that will help you ease up from inside and outsides too ( I hope), with another color for a shirt – white or black, at the least, may be?


Dear lady in long skirt,

The long skirts are nice. Okay. They are comfortable too. Maybe. But, there are gazillion choices of clothes out there. Do you know? Also, do you know that wearing long skirts with loose mismatched top gives sore eyes. Not to you, but the ones who see you like that every single day.


Dear girl in party wear,

Where’s the party tonight? No, seriously, that’s my question for you each day. Walking around in chic knee length dresses and perfect pointy heels  at work, I wonder whether you have a party scheduled each and every evening? And how  do you get time to wear so many layers of make up and curl the hair with luminous gel like that every day? Okay, am a little jealous. But, I still wonder..


Dear guy with the faded look,

You earn more than me. I know since you have a bigger/better title. I can afford an iron box, so I know you can too.  Why don’t you go get one? Coming to work in faded, wrinkled, hapless shirt and pants day after day after day is boring. I agree you have a friendly  ‘Whatsup dude?’ attitude to go with, but wearing those pathetic baggy-type pants with wrinkled shirt even to  corporate presentations ..umm, not really cool dude.


Dear lady in cute dress,

I recently found out that you are a mother of two teenage boys and I was dumbstruck! You hardly look more than 35 and have a figure to die for. The pencil waist and lustrous skin..sigh! To top that, you have one of the most beautiful dressing sense. Cute little skirts, flowy dresses, superbly paired shirts and pants, unique looking accessories, one-of-a-kind sweaters, comfortable and yet elegant footwear..oh, the list goes on. I envy you.


Dear guy in  flashy colors,

You are young, well built, muscular , have a handsome face and hairstyle too. You are Indian and I know you secretly plan to run away to Bollywood one day and become a hero. But, spare us your fashion experiments please? I am sure the dress designers in your Bollywood movie will get you enough combinations of flashy yellow and red with sparkly golden shoes to go with. However, in the office, especially at meetings, the blinding colors hurt the eyes sometimes. Yes, they really do.


[ Disclaimer : All I do is look  at people and judge their dressing sense at the work place you think? Well, no. I look away and do my work too…sometimes 😛 ]

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29 Responses to In the mood of being vain

  1. sreelu says:

    dear girl with a funny bone, happy diwali, i could use above verbage to few people in my life

  2. Stone says:

    Just do it some day 🙂 … seriously 🙂

  3. NM says:

    I would totally talk to the party girl and the lady in cute dresses and tell them what I think, since it is mostly great things about them.

    The white Tee guy sounds really interesting. I love looking at people and analysing their dress sense as well 🙂

    BTW: for whatever it is worth, for a mommy of a almost 2 year old, you have a great figure, amazing skin and excellent dress sense!

    • I did compliment the lady a few times. But, the party girl isn’t very approachable types.

      That last line was simply too good! Thanks muchly. Love you for being so sweet NM! 😀

  4. Comfy says:

    waen waen.. you work in such a colorful place where as we have a uniform Here. I kid you not. It is not official but we all wear jeans and T-shirts and any variation from that and people look at you as if you have lost your mind. 😥

    I would love to work where you do just to look at all these people 🙂

    • Everyone wears Tees and jeans?? That does sound boring. Suddenly, my work place seems much more entertaining !

      Comfy, you begin the much needed ‘revolution’ and start wearing some variety to work no? 😀

      • Comfy says:

        oh no no no! I love my jeans and tees. No ironing clothes, no waxing legs..errr you get the picture right? I just want others to wear different kinds of clothes so that I can look at them and have some fun 😛

  5. R's Mom says:

    WOW thats a variety of people…errr…I fall under the faded wala category I think

  6. What a variety in your life! *looks around*
    grey, black, grey, black, Taklu. Boooo(yawn)ring!

  7. Pepper says:

    Trivia for you: In English, it is not called an “iron box”. It is just an “iron”.
    My mom in law came up to me and asked me if I had an iron box and i kept thinking she is talking about the box the iron came in 😀 . And when she said she wasn’t talking about that box, I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what she meant, until Mint told me that she was talking about the iron itself. He said she called it “iron box” because she was doing a literal translation from Tamil, in which it is called “Istri petti”

    • hey, thats our ancient culture and all. no giving it up 😛 iron box it is, in our household too 😀

      • Pepper says:

        Ayyo! Didn’t ask you guys to give it up 😛 It is ironbox in almost all the Southie households that I know. I only said it here cos from what I realised most of them weren’t even aware of the right usage 😀

      • Pepper, I have tried ‘Iron’ yaar, but it just doesn’t sit well.

        “Where is the iron?”, ” Shall we buy an iron?”

        Sounds like we are in Iron age ( pun intended) 😛

        I’ll stick to ‘Iron box’ and help the tradition grow.

        BTW, you have nothing to say about the post except for the trivia? 😦

  8. vijesh will come under the faded category 😀 got to show him this post 😀

  9. Childwoman says:

    Okay, here is what you need to do. You need to give the guy in baggy pants and the flashy wardrobe guy my number..not because i have a better sense of fashion..but I think we could be friends!! *wink! :P:D

    • LOL! Did not expect such a comment on those two guys!

      First , the baggy pant wala is 2 bachon ka baap ( but looks and acts much young)

      Second, that bollywood hero guy is totally NOT your type. Trust me, I know. Acts cool, but comes from a ortho traditional family, so the reality is different int hat case.

      You’ll have varieties queued up right there in your city. Pick the most flashy color there 😀

  10. mary1780ary says:

    LoL…i loved this post…its something i have been dying to do at my workplace. have been lurking (is that the word) on your blog for some time now…must say Pappu is star.

  11. Minal says:

    You seem to have an interesting office- huge variety of specimen. am hugely jealous too of the cute girl with two teenaged sons 😦
    ask her- how?how?how?

    • huge variety of specimen – yes, yes, yes 😀

      The lady with the 2 teenaged sons – may be it’s genetic you know..being a Korean has it’s advantages. They look lean and trim all the time.

  12. Scribby says:

    lo @ your office staff 😉 so you’ve so much fun to have and an idea for post when you want to take a break from work 😉

  13. Roop Rai says:

    hahah im married to a guy with a faded look!! 😀

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