Paapu in Kiwiland – I

Hi there,

I am Paapu and I assume you know me already.

If Amma is right, you like to read about me more than anything else here! 😀 So, I secretly got here to write about my latest adventures today. Amma is in the kitchen looking away. Appa is in his own world with his laptop anyway. Let me type fast fast before they tell me its bedtime.

So, some days back Appa and Amma packed some big big bags with many many shirts and pants. I pulled out a few and pushed in a few else to help them, you know. Finally we took them all and went to this huge place full of..guess what? Panes! ( Ok, Planes. But I like to call them Panes) We got on one of them planes and I got a seat of my own! Appa-Amma seemed so happy that the flight was not full and they got an extra seat without having to pay. Anyway, I just stood there near the window and showed Amma each cloud that was passing by. She kept saying we were going to ..where was that..Newzee..oh, New Zealand. I did not care where we went. It was fun to be inside the plane! I got to eat cookies and fruits anytime I wanted , played with those pretty ladies in uniforms and dozed off whenever I felt like.

After a long long long time ( 13 hours they said), it started to get boring inside. I screamed and yelled to be let out. And, it worked! The plane came down to the ground and they opened the doors. I skipped and hopped outside into fresh air, finally!

As soon as we came out in the open , I remember Amma jumping and squealing, ” This is so much like Switzerland in summer!” No clue what that meant, but I like to see Amma jumping, so I smiled.

Appa rented a car and I was strapped in the baby seat. I hate that thing. Argh! But, Amma sat by me all the time and sang silly songs. Appa joined too at times and I mostly kept giggling.

The view outside my car window was great too.Green grasslands everywhere…rolling mountains and blooming flowers.

Oh..oh..those green grasslands had hundreds of pastures. Those pastures had hundreds and hundreds of cows! Even more sheeps! Many pastures were filled with just deers! Can you imagine? I kept pointing at them and telling Appa-Amma to look every time one passed by. But they stopped looking after sometime. I kept showing and naming the animals anyway.

They said we were in the ‘North Island’of New Zealand. I don’t understand what that means. But, I liked jumping on the hotel beds and eating at different places every single time. Also, the restaurants mostly do not have kids high chair. So, I got to sit on regular chair with Appa-Amma and create a big mess 😉 I expected to be scolded. But, the uncles and aunties all around were so nice. Never a frown.

I loved the evening walk in that place called Auckland. The streets were buzzing with people. They walked around happily as if everyone had unlimited supply of lollipops. Nice. Oh, I got to eat ice cream with Appa-Amma. It was soooooooo good, I kept saying ‘Yummy!!’ at every bite while everyone looked at me and laughed.

At this other place called Rotarua, we stayed with an uncle and auntie. ( Bed and breakfast or something like that). They were older, but they loved me so much! They actually gave me lollipops and also sweet blueberry muffins! I saw Appa Amma eating so much for breakfast there. They took hours to finish. Looks like they found it all yummy too 🙂

That same place we stayed had a special swimming pool. Appa said it is a ‘Geothermal Spa’. Whatever it is, was wonderful! We all wore swimming dress and got into it every evening. The water was very warm and nice . But, Amma said I could stay only for 15 minutes because the water was from a ‘hot sulphur spring’. The fumes could be bad if inhaled longer. But really, what fun! I splashed and chuckled and kicked my legs in there. Appa Amma seemed so happy to do that too.

The ‘Thermal springs’ seems to be everywhere around there. We visited this special place called ‘Wai-O-Tapu’ ( funny name no? Me and Amma kept repeating it and laughing hard)which had huge crater size geothermal pools. The mud was bright orange while the water was strong green. Fumes kept coming out from them. Strange, I thought, but beautiful.

One bright afternoon, we went to this special place which looked dark and dingy. Amma said it is called a ‘ Cave’. I held on to Amma’s finger and walked along with other people. They all wore headlamps and torches. I was a bit scared but never showed it. And then, there was a river..inside the cave! That guide uncle made us sit on a boat and it slowly started moving on the soft water. It was so silent, so cool and so mystic. Then suddenly, the torch lights went off! All of them. It was pitch dark..and the guide uncle asked us to look up at the roof of the caves. You know what I saw? So many many stars!!! But, Amma Appa kept saying they were glowworms on the cave roof and how spectacular they looked in the dark.

But, I know they were stars and kept searching for the moon. The boat kept moving slowly in the dark…and I thought it was night, fell asleep. Amma held on to me tight  and that felt good. When I finally woke up, we were walking out of the dark cave. What do you was still a bright afternoon out there 🙂

The next day, we packed up and got into a plane again on another short journey. Appa said we are going to ‘South Island’.

I was happy in the ‘North Island’ and did not know why we had to go to the ‘South Island’ now. Anyway, more on that later.

My eyes feel droopy and Amma says it’s my bedtime.

Tata now. Will come back with more stories of my adventure soon. You know, there are Kiwis and kangaroos coming up ! So, come back again ok?

Ba-Bye for now.

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47 Responses to Paapu in Kiwiland – I

  1. Dee says:

    Hahahah.. sweet 🙂

    Gosh, u guys, am so jealous with all the travel you do 😛

  2. Bubblegum says:

    Masssssssssssssssssssssssst!!!! Papppu ki maaa….mujhe bhi lejao! Its awesome!!!!! 🙂 nicely blogged!!

  3. R's Mom says:

    WOW! Thats amazing….Paapu sure did a great job describing the beautiful land 🙂 NZ is beautiful na 🙂

    and oh…in the last photo is that you with Paapu????

    • Pepper says:

      Yes R’s Mom. That is her. In case you don’t know, AHK is one super hot mommy.

      • R's Mom says:

        Gosh! I would hate to show my real self in the blog world..I am round, fat just lacking a small tail at the back for the bum to resemble the perfection of an elephant

        Wow AHK, you are HOT!! *Whistles and all that*

    • Thank you for the compliments ( says Paapu)

      As for the last pic – yes, thats me and mine

      Pepper – You don’t miss a chance to make me blush, do ya? 😛 Thanks for being so sweet!

      RM – Elephant lacking a tail it seems! 😛 You are an amazing person and beautiful from inside I see from your blog. So, don’t under estimate self.

  4. bikram says:

    Wow.. New zealand it is beautiful.. My best friend lives there..
    Beautiful pics.. So you had fun. Great here’s to more fun and more eating jumping enjoying..
    All the best to the little one…:-)

    • NZ is indeed very beautiful Bikram. If your best friend lives there, even better..go visit! 😀

      More eating and jumping you said? The next post will tell you what kind of ‘jumping’ I did next 😉

      Thanks for the nice words 🙂

  5. Comfy says:

    Paapu sweetheart you are our only hope now to see this blog getting updated regulaly. Your Amma is too busy planning trips and then taking vacations to write here, so please please take over. And look at the amazing job you have done, so yes we are nominating you for a take over of this blog.
    Everyone say aye!

    PS: Seems like such a fun vacation. We will give Amma full points for taking you to all these amazing places 🙂

  6. RS says:

    Wow! How creative to make Paapu write that you you went to NZ 🙂 Paapa, paapu – instead make her post more pictures also na? 😉

    I can so relate to this: “But, I know they were stars and kept searching for the moon.”

  7. Awwww……a post in Paapu’s lingo 🙂 Love that !!!

    I agree with Dee. I am so jealous of you making all these wonderful trips! But at the same time, I admire you for doing the things you do with Paapu in tow. Whoever said parenthood brings all the fun down! Can’t wait for posts 🙂

    • Parenthood just multiplies the fun SnS.

      Life isn’t as carefree and it involves hard work..but, travelling can still be so much fun even with the kiddos 🙂

      Thanks for the nice words!

  8. Paapu you have grown so big and its high time that you take over this space from your lazy mom 🙂 We want to hear more from you..Yay..

    Waw NZ is looks awesome and one of my dream locations too, and your pictures speaks lot and I am excited to read Part2.

    Geothermal looks very much similar to Yellowstone. have you been there before? so that I could ask to compare 🙂
    north, spending away from this cold even it is for few weeks makes lot of sense..Share more details and pics for us please..

    Amma looks super skinny in the last pic 🙂

    • Thank you little fingers. Will try to see if I can take over from the lazy mom. Shhhhh… keep it to yourself ok?

      I have never been to Yellowstone, though it is right on top of the wishlist for next year. Yes, from what I have seen in pictures, Rotarua in NZ was similar.

  9. Pepper says:

    Finally, the post is here! Wow – is all I can get myself to say. And then I go back to being tongue tied.

  10. Ilovelucy says:

    Paapu, your account of the trip sounds like so much fun! Make sure you tell your mommy that she rocks!

  11. An old timer who shut her blog says:

    Hey Paapu thats a chweet post you’ve written. And you’ve been to such a beautiful place. Lovely alwa? I also want to see the glowworms. Do write the next part soon, we will be waiting.

  12. The trip seems awesome no wonder but Paapu’s narration steals the show. Its like Baby’s Day Out is playing in my mind reading it 😀

  13. Anu says:

    Wow! sounds like so much fun! NZ is an amazing place, I’ve heard… it is the hubby’s dream holiday destination 😀
    Loved hearing the experience in paapu’s words… waiting for the next instalment!

  14. scorpria says:

    This is oh-my-god so sweet! Paapu, you’re just too cute! And you write so well already! Your Amma and Appa must be so proud.

    Waiting for Part 2, Paapu 🙂 Muah sweetheart!

  15. awwww this is super cute! 🙂
    New Zealand sounds wonderful!!

  16. ittakestime says:

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww stop being soooo cute!!!!
    Newzeland we go on our 30th 😉 soon baby soon 😀

  17. Scribby says:

    yes yes me too saying AYE AYE a loud one at that 🙂

    Loved the pics,the way the little doll has described *way too better than her amma ;)*

    Aww and you are no doubt a hot super mamma 🙂 YAY to that!

  18. Tanishka says:

    Loved Pappu’s version and yes Pappu’s mom is really hot… 🙂

  19. la Vida Loca says:

    cool!! cant wait for part 2!!!

  20. Roop Rai says:

    i am soo proud of u every time i see a travel post. u make it so easy to travel with a kid. awesome work, guys!

  21. Deepa says:

    Wow wow wow!!! Your post inspired me to decide to go to Costa Rica (thanks a bunch for the info by the way), now this! Wonderful post! My cousin lives in NZ and has been inviting us for so long, we will probably do it some time, donno when…


  22. love love love your spirit, ahk! i cant say this enough.

    and paapu doll, amma is hot and all that, but we come here mainly for you 😛

    loved the pics of the springs!

  23. Swaram says:

    Lovely lovely post! I luvvv the pastures too Paapu, and u cn name the animals any number of times when we meet 😉 I will keep looking at them 😀

    And Mumma, u looks so damn pretty!

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