When AHK Meets SnS

Chapter Name: AHK Meets SnS

Question 1: What made it happen – AHK meet with SnS ?

Answer: SnS lives hundreds of mile away from AHK, but work circumstances brought AHK right near the city where SnS lives. After a few phone calls, the best option was chosen – AHK to visit SnS and then they both come back to AHK’s accommodation for a sleep-over!

Question 2: What happens when SnS meets AHK?
Answer: There are numerous things that happen when SnS meets AHK. A few of them are listed below in chronological order –
  • A dozen calls are made to and fro days before the actual meet.There is so much laughing into the phone, some third person might think they are mad, a little.
  • The cold winds does not matter when they meet, there is enough warmth from the hugs and lovely people around.
  • The smiles do not stop and the laughs only get louder together
  • ‘My city is like a village’, ‘My house is a mess’ –  SnS had said and AHK calls her a liar when she gets to see those. No, they are not !
  • AHK considers meeting G was a great added bonus, he was so courteous and charmingly sweet🙂
  • Long drive and much chatter ensues, no prizes to guess their favorite topic – Blogs😉
  • Topics flow out like from pandoras box, there is so much to talk, really.
  • When one stops the other picks the thread and when the other stops this one eases in again – before they know, it was 2 AM next morning already!
  • Good Nights are said and the lights are finally put off, they have all of next day for themselves after all
  • After a lazy wakeup, they are quick to get ready for free breakfast at the hotel lobby area
  • Eggs, Muffins, toast, bagels, fruits and cereal – all are had in leisure with hot coffee.
  • Oh, and there is freshly made waffles with sweet syrup too – AHK ‘made’ them while SnS carefully assisted😀
  • They start out together into a new unfamiliar city to go check out a mall
  • They loose way and take an hour to reach a place 15 minutes away – What? they are only 2 people with only 2 GPS with them.😛
  • They giggle and keep a the head high and swear to call it their ‘secret adventure trip’ ( to the mall) Heh.
  • The mall is found, explored and a bunch of happy nothings are bought.
  • A Yumm lunch is had sitting inside a rainforest – there are pythons, chimpanzees, elephants and alligators moving and making loud sounds. There was also thunder and lightning flashes now and then (  RainForest Cafe, anyone?)
  • A movie together is also in the cards and they choose to watch – “Mirror Mirror”. They beam with pride when SnowWhite locks her prince inside and says, “Fairytales always talk of prince saving the princess. But, I plan to change it. I will fight the monster myself!”
  • They make a ‘ long leisurely’ drive back and sit down with a cup of coffee and ensue talks on a a real-life fairytale
  • It is time to depart, but…there is so much left to talk, really!🙂
  • There are gifts and hugs and meet-me-agains and a tinge of pain, for the meet is ending.
Question 3: How does it look when AHK meet SnS?
Answer: Something like this :
 SnS – Loved every bit of the time together. You are honest, beautiful and such a wonderful person inside out. * blows out kisses*
Everyone else – How are you dearies doing? I have read each one of your comments on last post, will definitely leave a response when I have more time to spare. BTW, here is SnS version of the meet.  :)
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30 Responses to When AHK Meets SnS

  1. Jas says:

    Its always great to meet friends and its even great to read the encounter..🙂 makes you feel special.

  2. R's Mom says:

    Oh what fun to meet blogger friends…loved that picture even if I cant see the faces🙂 the smiles are so evident

  3. Visha says:

    One blogger meeting another? A patakha in store😀 which is evident from both your accounts…wish u many more such encounters AHK🙂

    Even in the pic, you do not look 30😛

  4. Wanderer says:

    Glad to see you had such fun spending time with each other.🙂

  5. Smartassbride says you sound like 16, SnS says you look and talk like you are 16. 😀

    If it goes on like this, H ageing and you staying 16, people are going to give the poor man dirty looks you know😀

    I want to meet you too! Sigh!

    • I am making up for it with increasing grey hair these days Rays * sob*

      Me wants to meet you too, very much. The other day H was talking about a trip to London and I was immediately thrilled – “Yes, we should go. My friend Rays lives there!”

      There are atleast half a dozen relatives and friends there who did not come to mind😀

  6. Pingback: When SnS met AHK | Snippets & Scribbles

  7. snippetsnscribbles says:

    AHK – You’re the sweetest🙂 It was GREAT catching up with you🙂 Wish we could do this more often🙂

    @Rays – She looks 16, sounds 16 and gives the rest of us around her the “Aunty aunty aunty” Indian (Godrej kali mehendi) ad kinda feeling🙂 I mean, look at that pic – I look 30, she doesn’t !!

  8. La Vida Loca says:

    ok now more jealous

  9. Pepper says:

    How I was waiting for this post. Such meets are tons of fun aren’t they? And add a sleep over, and it equals to bliss. So glad your work took you there!

  10. Comfy says:

    AHK when is your work bringing you this side? Come on now, you have to come. Let me tempt you a little bit. I will drop the two little ones for a sleep over with you. What say? That way I will get some sleep😀 Oh! and you can stay awake one night right?😛

    I am so so J of you. You know that? You have met Pepper and now SnS. That is just wrong, I tell you😡

    • Arrey baba, given a chance I’ll want my next work trip near you Comfy…especially when the one from Ireland is visiting too. We could have nighted out ( hehe, I coined that word just now) all we want..kids included😉

  11. This was so wonderful to read !
    Meeting blogger friends – wow, that must have been a riot !🙂

  12. Scribby says:

    isn’t it toooooo long for a new post now?

  13. U planning to write another post🙂

  14. chandni says:

    Jealous! what’s with you guys not coming to India and meeting us, I say!

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