Hatching New Dreams…(continued)

Continuing from the first part here…

Some dreams take birth within the subconscious, even before you realize it. This one was just that for me.

When Paapu was about to turn 4 this year, I knew I wanted a second child.I knew Paapu was ready to be a big sister ( she coo-ed and cuddled with any baby she saw anywhere, sometimes among strangers in a park!). I knew it was the perfect time come to expand the family.

Heck, there are a dozen logical reasons I can quote to justify the decision, but none would sound authentic. It just felt right, that’s all.

But, did the husband feel the same way? Err..I soon found out – No. He thought we were fine as we were, why another child? I could not explain the ‘why’ myself, so there was no insisting or logical debate to follow. I let the topic slide. But, when you cannot let go of a dream, it is bound to come true!

I do not know how or why, but right around the time Pappu turned 4, the Husband was ready to join me in the project “Baby 2” 😀

When he was ready, it was me who started chickening out. “What? This is really happening?!”, “Am I ready for 9 months of pregnancy and symptoms that come with it?!”, “Can I handle two kids at a time?!!”, “Oh, the diaper changing, the sleepless nights!!”. But then, the dream had been passed on to the husband and he was the one who convinced and cleared my mind.

So, there. We were all set to start trying.

Did I tell you this ‘trying’ is one of my favorite parts of the entire baby business? 😉 It also helps to have a personal reminder like this one, constantly bugging you to make a baby soon! 😀

The day after we moved into our new house, I took a pregnancy test. Too much fatigue could be attributed to the stress of moving. But, missing the periods by couple days was reason enough to test. And there it was – the Positive line!:)


Have been there, seen that before. But, was still overcome with joy and nervousness all together! Husband, surprisingly took it very calm. No ‘jump for joy’ moment there. “I knew it. It had to be now”, he said as he hugged me gently.

Paapu could not be told right away, not yet. A four year old is very impressionable and we had to be absolutely sure before we told her. Although the parents were made privy to the news, we patiently waited for the first 3 months to pass without any events, especially since this past incidence still haunts me.

The whole of first trimester was relatively smooth. I say this, because I have known friends and cousins around me who suffered hell during the first 3 months of pregnancy. I had no nausea or extreme aversion. However, I was fatigued and tired like a over-worked mule all day long. Climbing a few stairs made me light headed. Standing more than 10 minutes made me tired. Finally it all came down to anemia, detected in a blood test. Taking extra iron supplements helped a lot.

Although I did not physically show a bump at this point, Paapu had to be told. So, we did. Her reaction -” No, Amma, I don’t believe you!. You need to have a BIG Humongous tummy to have a baby there!” 😀

It took a few ultrasound pictures and an actual visit to the doctor with us to convince her there really is a baby inside my tummy! She named the tiny thing “Donut”. It was the first thing she could think of when I asked for a name. Well, it is sweet ( literally) and small. So, why not? 😉

Paapu now, is already a very loving big sister to her Donut. She brings an extra candy from birthday parties for Donut. She colors an extra page on her book for Donut. She comes close to my ( now big) bump and asks “Where is the baby’s ears?”. When I point out randomly, she bends there and softly sings ‘Row, Row, Row your boat..’ to Donut.

I already see so much love in her, waiting to be shared with her sibling, it fills me with utter gratitude for these beautiful moments I witness.

photo (1)

In my 5th month now, I’m walking waddling like a duck holding a football 😉 I feel the little one move around, not just butterfly flutters, but actual kicks too!

Although not new, it still feels surreal 🙂

By January, the dawn of new year 2015, I will be a Mother of Two !  :O
Please wish us luck for a healthy pregnancy and a safe delivery. Really need those wishes.

Thanks for standing by.. {{Hugs}}


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28 Responses to Hatching New Dreams…(continued)

  1. Revs says:

    Yippppiiieee! How long have I waited for this post 😀 Now is my time to show off to the rest of the world eh? 😉 Also, I think I should add a tag ‘baby-making process reminder and encourager’ to my CV! 😀

    Mwah! Love you and can’t wait for this release. And the next one. Ahem 😉

  2. OMG! Congratulations! Arre yaar double congratulations! I had a big smile on my face even before I read your post because the picture said it all!:-) i wish i could give you a biggggggg huggggg:) God bless you, Donut, paapu and their papa:) You are a good human being AHK so you deserve nothing but the best and i am sure all will go well. Don’t worry, you will have a fantabulously healthy pregnancy and super smooth delivery:)
    Hey your home bought you good luck! Good news on day 1. Its gonna be one lucky home for you:)
    Touch wood. Really really happy for you. Yayyyyyy:)

    • IY..your words brought me tears.

      Thank you for such sweet words.

      Good news on Day 1, Lucky home- thats what both of our parents said too!

      Wishing every dream of yours come true. They have to! 🙂

  3. Congratulations!! So excited for you 😀

  4. Comfy says:

    Now that is a reason to come visit you for sure 😀
    Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations! And I have to remind you about a long forgotten conversation where I told you that it would that brat who will get on your case for baby no. 2 and keep at it till you actually have one. See I knew it would be the case 😀 😀
    I am so so happy for you. Hug, kisses all are too less for what I wish for you right now.
    My dear dear Paapu, you will be the bestest big sister, who will pamper and lover her little one like nothing else.
    Dear Donut, kick all you want but give Amma a break every now and then, she needs it. Oh and have a happy, healthy stay in your special cocoon and when the time is right we will all be here to welcome you.
    Muah to all of you and AHK a big squishy one especially for you!

    • I am smiling from ear to ear reading your words Comfy!
      Thank you so very much for the beautiful comment.. ( and you know just the exact right things to say!)

      My rickety brain does recall that convo – and you predicted right about Revs, the brat 😉 Pls pretty pls ask her to stop about No.3. She already seems to be on that for some reason. Ayyoo!

      *Muah * back to you and a big bear preggie hug to you dear 🙂

      Cya soon then!

    • Comfy, I hope you remember that I live in Bay area too 😦

  5. I was about to bless you by saying Twinsvati bhava 😛

    Congrats on all the new things in your life.

  6. Anu says:

    Wow! double congratulations AHK! 😀 This will be another dream come true for sure! Wishing you a very healthy, happy pregnancy and a smooth delivery – Jan isn’t too far away at all! I’m sure Paapu will make a wonderful loving sister to the li’l Donut! Congrats to you and your family once again! 🙂

  7. R's Mom says:

    Oh my God! Congrats congrats congrats…its so so good to read this post and the previous one..your kitchen looks awesome and so does the new house..and that pic of you and Paapu…super cute :):) Big hugs to you and the family

  8. Childwoman says:

    Love that name – Donut!, Soft, sweet and round 🙂

    Heartiest congratulations to your lovely family and you. And mostly you, because you deserve this and more 🙂

    Think happy thoughts, eat to your and baby’s content, and wishing you a smooth delivery. It felt so good to see the photo. Warmed the cockles of my heart…

    Hugs and Kisses


    • CW, you have the nicest things to say. Thank you dear 🙂

      Those wishes for a healthy, smooth delivery means much. Although have done it before, it is a bit nerve wracking to think of the D day 🙂

      {{Hugs}} and Kisses back

  9. Ramya says:

    Many many hearty congratulations dear 🙂 Papua will be an adorable sister and I’m sure you will be a super cool mom of two as well..wish you loads of good luck for a happy rest of the pregnancy and safe delivery..congrats to the family of four 🙂

  10. Catching up with your posts. Congratulations on your new home. Wishing you loads of happiness and I am sure you will make lot of memories in there.

    That pic of you and Paapu it’s so adorable , so much love . It’s a beautiful phase. enjoy !

    • LittleFingers – Thank you for the wishes and the nice words 🙂

      Yes, that’s one of my favorite pictures too. She looks so happy and excited near the tummy that holds her baby sibling 🙂

  11. HappyFeet says:

    How did I miss to read this immediately? So happy to know the news AHK, a big hearty congratulations to you, H and Paapu. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    ‘Donut’ sounds just right to me! Paapu saved you any trouble to find a blog nickname for the lil one. 😉
    I kinda guessed/thought you were expecting when you started the previous post!
    I can totally imagine how surreal you must be feeling even if the feeling is known to you. I am looking forward to pictures of a glowing-you, much like the last time. Have a happy, healthy pregnancy. And a January baby? I hope she/he turns out to be a fellow-Aquarian 🙂
    Much love to you and a special kiss to ‘Donut’! :-*

  12. Preethi says:

    Double congratulations AHK. That picture of yours with Paapu is so do adorable. It seems like just yesterday when you wrote that you were pregnant with Paapu. Time flies…..
    Wishing you many more such happy and fun filled moments in your new home and also a happy and smooth delivery:-)

  13. Congratulations and best wishes for a healthy and peaceful pregnancy. A new life is always lovely to hear about – the tiny fingers, the small feet, the tentative smiles and the raucous laughs. Enjoy them all , as I am sure you will 🙂

  14. Kavs says:

    ManY many congratulations AHK! That pic of yours is so adorable – Paapu’s face looks so precious knowing how much her Amma loves her 🙂 touch wood

  15. DewdropDream says:

    Congratulations AHK! Hope the new house and new addition both bring you much happiness in the years ahead 🙂 (Also, have a smooth ans safe pregnancy and a relatively quick and painless birth, when the time comes!)

  16. Shwetha says:

    Congratulations AHK, I was a regular reader of your blog and did miss your presence for long time

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