Dear Donut

Dear Donut,

At 36 weeks, you are not just a baby growing inside, you are already part of this family 🙂

You know what else you are? Here is a list:

You are Strong. There are no kicks and flutters anymore. There are pronounced nudges, stretching and squirming from you now. At times, they are so strong, I literally have to stop doing what am doing and wait for you to calm down 🙂

You are Cared for. The Big sister loves and cares for you to extents you won’t believe ! (Remember this when she might be bossing you around as a teenager 😀 ) She reminds me that I should not lift/carry her, insists I don’t run while playing with her , asks Appa not to drive the car too fast when I am around – all because she wants you to feel safe inside. “I don’t want Donut to feel squished inside Amma!” she says. Every single day, she never forgets to stop, kiss and bid you a very sweet ‘Bye Donut, have a good day’ before leaving to school.

You are Loved. At night , before going to sleep, your dad and big sister sing to you sitting on the bed with me.. They sing softly one by one and sometimes in chorus. They compete who can get more closer to your ears ( near my tummy) and smile along as they do so. You seem to listen- silent for the words and a little nudge when it ends 🙂

– You are Funny. Your tiny toes move around pretty obviously when I am lying on my side sleeping at night. They wake me up with a tickle most times 🙂 Now that your movements are so pronounced,the big sister watches you move sometimes and giggles hard – imagining your antics inside ! Also, the hiccups. You get vigorous hiccups at times and although it is very common, I only started noticing it in the last few weeks. Oh man, those hiccups make my tummy literally throb to the beats of hic-hic-hic. Silly baby 😀

You are Sensible. You remain the perfect little one inside during my bad days.It is as if you feel my emotions from within , know when Amma is angry/sad and keep calm. It is the thought of you that brings me back my cool too. Thank you !

You are Celebrated. While we get your bassinet, clothes, closet and other necessities ready, your grand parents are preparing for you in much grand ways. Their flight tickets are booked to visit you. They have shopped the heck out of baby stores to pamper you upon arrival 🙂

You are Dreamed of and Prayed for. I pray for your well being every day , asking God to bestow you with all the health and happiness. I dream that you are smart, cheerful and kind. I imagine you to have loving eyes and a warm personality. I hope for you to be emotionally strong and content. We, as parents will strive to provide you the resources for that, as best as we can.

You are much Awaited. This feeling of you inside my belly is very comforting. Yes, the extra weight, the tiredness and fatigue, the hurting back – all if it sucks. But, am ready to ignore all that to cherish this little you growing in there. It is a feeling of immense love and gratitude I feel for your existence. You know, your little family cannot wait to meet you in person, my dear! You are much awaited.

Stay safe in there now and when you come out to this beautiful world in few more weeks, come happy and healthy. Come, complete this family.
We love you.


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5 Responses to Dear Donut

  1. Anu says:

    Such a lovely post AHK! Wishing you a speedy and safe delivery… I’m sure the little donut will be blessed with all that you’re hoping for him/ her! 🙂

  2. Comfy says:

    Oh AHK! I am so overcome with feelings!
    Dear Donut, just like your Amma, Appa and Akka we are all here praying for you and waiting for your safe and happy arrival. There is a lot of love for you here and we will pour it all on you once you come. Waiting!

  3. Aww this is such a lovely post! Good luck AHK and Donut. Stay blessed!

  4. Pepper says:

    Oh this is so utterly adorable. Donut, your arrival is so eagerly awaited by so many people! AHK, the big sister and the dad singing to Donut is so beautiful. It was one of my favourite parts of this post. Cherish these times.

  5. Kavs says:

    Aww…I am feeling so emotional reading this AHK…stay blessed little Donut! 🙂

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