Letter to my Six year old

I have two letters – one for my six year old girl and the other for the one year old boy.

Life has been quite full and moving really fast. Before I gather my thoughts, the hurrying winds of time has scattered them awry.But, these letters have to be put down here. For, one day, I will have time to look back and reminisce. And, that day, I want to find these well gathered words and smile at the memories.

So, here is the first one. Next one, coming up soon , promise! 🙂


Dear Paapu,

You celebrated turning Six recently. That’s a ‘big girl’ number and you sure show it. Standing at the bakery section in a store staring at a gorgeous princess themed cake, I ask excitedly “Would you want this for your Birthday?”. “Buy me a simple one Amma.You know I don’t even eat cake. I just want to have fun with friends on my birthday!”, was the answer. That’s the realistic you. You know what want and take no time to tell it as it is 🙂

Up close I hold your face in my arms, see the baby eyes and kiss it all over. From a distance though, I am amazed at how big you have grown and how soon!

Over the last year, especially after becoming a big sister, you seem to have grown multi-fold. Although I assist you in your daily chores – brush, eat, bath, homework…I am fully aware you can do all those and more without any help from Amma anymore. I think, I still linger around to hold on to my ‘little’ girl some more 🙂


There are so many things you have been learning – dance, martial arts, swimming, gymnastics, skiing. You seem to really enjoy them all. Although there are days when you are whiny and do not want to practice, you don’t wish to stop learning either.Swimming was the favorite one during summer. Come winter, it has been skiing that has topped your list and how! It was fairly challenging task since the nearest ski slope with kids lessons is 4 hours away. But, your Appa drove you every other weekend and you went along waking up in the wee hours, no complaints. Now, I see you show off the badges for going up many levels and skiing down slopes higher than we ever imagined ! In fact, you now ski better than both your parents combined 🙂

“What was the best part of your day today?” is my regular question and almost always has the response “Playing with friends at school!”. Joining Kindergarten in a public school and getting to be in a real school system was a big one last year. You had your little struggles and challenges to face. But, within a few weeks, you settled down and made friends.

With the slightest bit of pushing, you have proven to do pretty well. “Best Reader of the month”, “Young Author of the grade”, “Problem-solver of the month” – Less than 8 months of school and your accolades have made us so very proud ! But,alongside the accolades were complaints too. While some of them were behavioral and silly, others were downright scary. Like that one day when the principal of your school called in to say you walked out of school premises with a classmate during recess hour! Although they found you and got back safely to school, you showed no signs of fear or remorse. “But, I just went down the road to a friends house to get some band aid” was your honest response when I asked. The teachers and us parents spent hours drilling in your brain about the dangers of walking out of school unsupervised.Being fearless has it’s downside too, my darling. Sorry, the world around isn’t as safe as you think.

Drawing and coloring has been always one of your favorite things to do. Once you start, hours can go by before you peek out of your paper. I have framed a few and saved some more. I hope your love for art and beauty never ceases…may it stay as the source of wonderful creations and unperturbed mindfulness.


Freestyle artsy heart ..with love 🙂

Talking about creativity, I need to mention about your “Bambochikaas”. [ Oh, for you uninitiated people, Bambochikaas are a group of special creatures who live in a far far away land. They are very brave people and do not cry at all. They live a 1000 years and their kids don’t even go to school until they are a 100 ! They do no sleep, but only ‘rest’ on floating clouds!] You know all about them Bambochikaas and bring out pieces of information every now and then, updating facts like it happened right before your eyes. Trust me, I love your bits so much that am writing it all down after you update me 😀

Baltu and Tigy are the doll friends who accompany you to bed at night. One of them is picked every night and held on tight through the sleep. Although left behind in bed when you wake up, they often make it into your dream stories 🙂

Your little brother is a hands full and you know it too well. Even when busy with your tasks, you always seem to have a cautious eye on him at all times! Although you can be rough and boisterous at times, you cry when he cries.You move him away from danger, hold his hand when he is wobbly or simply chase him around when he wants to play.A reliable baby sitter already, I can see you growing to be his guide, mentor and a super solid big sister to look up to.

IMG_9261 (2)

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”- As a 2 year old, you really wanted to be a bunny rabbit, nothing else 😉 But that changed when you were about 4. “I want to be a doctor.. an awesome doctor!” was your answer consistently. That changed again about an year ago with “I want to be a doctor …AND a hair stylist”. Your love for braiding hair, styling with clips and bands has just been growing. You are ready to style anyone if they oblige – the baby brother, a younger cousin or an elderly aunt ! The results, I must say, are quite pleasing too. If we question about your dual goals, there’s a quick response -” I will be an awesome doctor during the day …and by evening I will be a cool hair stylist. Simple!”.

Whatever you grow up to be, my sweet pea, just keep the same enthusiasm, the same resolve and best efforts to excel.


Stay Healthy and Stay Happy, Always.

With Love,

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7 Responses to Letter to my Six year old

  1. Comfy says:

    Oh how she has grown and so many interests 🙂
    Love her to bits and a special Hi Five for her from double trouble here. Bugz and Buzz both love skiing and would love to have Paapu along as a buddy one of these days 😀
    Happy Birthday Sweetheart 🙂

    • Haha! Double trouble brewing here too..and yes, will convey the hi-five 😀

      Buzz and her love for skiing – Oh, I remember all about it from your old post and was thinking of her when I wrote about Paapu 🙂

  2. Anu says:

    Aww! that’s such a beautiful letter to an adorable little girl! Loved reading about all her interests and the several accolades she has already won! Kudos to her! Sending loads of hugs and blessings her way! 🙂

  3. Swaram says:

    Can’t believe Paapu is 6 already! Read this more than once to make sure I was reading it right!:P
    Much love to all of you. 🙂

  4. Came here after ages, I am so glad I did. Paapu is grown so big. Well I feel the same looking at my little one, they grow so fast. It is a treat to see Paapu and Donut together, so much love in that picture 2 of them, melted my heart. God bless both of them.

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