Letter to the one year old

The first letter to the Six year old finally out here, this one is the next letter to the baby boy as promised 🙂


Dear Donut,

I have seen your sister – from being a teeny baby to the big girl she is today. I know how time zooms by as kids grow. And still, I am unable to comprehend at times, that you are not really a baby anymore. I hold you like one..I try. But, you squirm and shuffle and get down to your next interest right away. I hug and cuddle and shower you with kisses. You chuckle and take it for a while, but soon get up to go play hide and seek.I know, I need to let the baby go, but has any mom ever been successful at something like that?!

A little proof here with photos..Sigh!
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Since the time you took your first steps as a 11 month old, there has been literally no looking back! You love to wrap your fingers around mine and walk alongside. Even better than sitting in a stroller! You adore the chasing sessions with your sister – you run with all your might while laughing out loud, then inadvertently trip and fall on something :D. You have taken to climbing with so much enthusiasm : sofa stairs, tables, chairs -anything! Your exploring skills are so notorious- the daycare has invested in new safety gates just for you * eyeroll *

Your love for classical music has stayed and steadily grown. Even in the lousiest of moods, you calm down with some Carnatic songs or Bhajans. You love your English rhymes too, but you do treat classical music with special affection. In spite of being trained in Carnatic vocal ( eons ago),  I hardly gave it serious thought until now. Thanks to you, I am singing again! I sing when I drive with you ..and I absolutely love the undivided attention 🙂

Sleeping has never been your forte.While I make sure you doze off on a earthly time during regular days, I let it slide during weekend parties at times. It may be well past midnight, with only a bunch of us adults awake..and you will be the only baby wide eyed and playing as if it were mid -afternoon! Hoping that you will make up for lost sleep the next morning is futile too. The clock strikes 7 and you are up like a spring next day. How do you do that boy?! Well, on the brighter side – you will be the best person to party with when you grow up. Your friends can thank me later 😉

The big, heart tugging smile of yours has stayed. (God, may that stay forever ). Although it is not toothless anymore ( 6 little teeth have made appearance), you are very generous with the charisma to anyone and everyone who will make eye contact and smile! But, hey, nobody can make the mistake of melting for the baby smile and extending their arms to pick you up. That’s when you turn around, walk away from them at the speed of light and look for me. You shy bunny, please make it easy on me in public gatherings and get more social, will you? That party boy I mentioned above.. That would be a moot point if you don’t mingle, see?

In the last few weeks, you have started parroting us at any chance. Your vocabulary is small, but growing way too fast in the last few weeks. Not just ‘Amma’ and ‘BoBo’  ( dog), you repeat any 2 syllable word that you hear anywhere. ‘Badee’, “Ka”, “Bachee”, “Tee”, “Chee Chee”, “Aachi”, “Maney”, “Tata”, “Baa”, “No”..are some of them I can think of . ( Bird, Car, Bus, Tree, Chee for dirty, Aachi for done, Maney for house, Tata for bye, Baa for come, No for No..in that order)

Pointing the parts of the body is a favorite thing to do. The funniest is when we ask for the nose ( moogu)..that’s when you point to your nose and sneakily ease the index finger right into the nostril. It amuses you to no end when we laugh, doesn’t it?

Your big sister ( Akka) , likes to play rough with you. And you know how to tackle it well. What with all the chasing, hurling, bouncing and toppling over each other- my head spins just watching you two go at it! I do have to play the strict referee most times, but that is for your own safety. Oh, and your dad, the man who passed on his rough playing genes to both of you – he usually adds fuel to the fire and watches the fun from close quarters.

There are very few things you dislike ( washing head being one), but so many things you love !

  • Sitting down on my lap and reading a baby book
  • Watching the flock of birds fly in the sky
  • Chasing the vacuum cleaner nozzle while Appa vacuums the house
  • Pulling Akka’s hair when she least expects
  • Exploring outdoors perched on a little seat in Appa’s big bicycleIMG_0654
  • Slurping water from a spoon and ending each gulp with a ‘ahhh..’
  • Pressing every button on the remote and checking what happens to the TV
  • Calling out ‘Amma..’ non stop with no reason at all and smile when I respond
  • …Oh, the list goes on.

We revel in your cheer and soak in the pleasure of little things like never before 🙂
This might sound crazy, but my heart swells with happiness when I look at you..every-single- time. I hope you have the same effect on me always my baby boo. I hope you keep the cheer on for everyone around you.


Stay Healthy and Stay Happy, Always.

With Love,

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9 Responses to Letter to the one year old

  1. Comfy says:

    awww.. he is an absolute sweetheart! And his smile I always remember. Loved reading about him and love his so much. Muah sweet little guy 🙂

  2. Anu says:

    Aww loved reading about the littlest one!! He seems to be such a sweetoo-pie! :* The last pic is just totally adorably cute! Kids are the best at this age, isn’t it? Even now I can’t help but smile at my little-S’s baby photos and I never miss a chance to tease him saying I love baby-S more 😉

  3. Pepper says:

    Sigh.. what sweethearts you have there, AHK. I feel so privileged I had a chance to meet this little bundle of joy. He has such a gorgeous smile indeed.

    And that last pic, it makes me totally melt. Awwwwwww.. little baby. I want to pick you up.

  4. Awww! Read both the letters and could very well relate to the 6yr old growin up too soon.
    As for this little fellow – he is sooo cute *Drishti tegeeri* he will grow up to be a heart breaker 🙂

    Came here after a long time and reading these 2 posts made me smile through the day.

  5. Childwoman says:

    Gorgeous Amma of gorgeous babies! How have you been, darling?

    All my love and light to you , always.



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