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Letter to my Six year old

I have two letters – one for my six year old girl and the other for the one year old boy. Life has been quite full and moving really fast. Before I gather my thoughts, the hurrying winds of time has scattered … Continue reading

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Dear Donut

Dear Donut, At 36 weeks, you are not just a baby growing inside, you are already part of this family 🙂 You know what else you are? Here is a list: – You are Strong. There are no kicks and … Continue reading

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Feisty and Four !

Dear Little Paapu, Couple of months back you turned into a four year old. For the first time ever, you were so proud when the day arrived. “I am Four!” you announced, “I ate all my vegetables and drank my milk … Continue reading

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The Belize Experience

It’s been a period of extended long silence here, but I am back hoping this space is not totally forgotten. I bring you the story of my experience in this little country called “Belize”. We visited this land in Central … Continue reading

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The many things on my mind

Yes, it is going to be a bullet point post. Each of these have been floating in my head forming individual posts. But, I figured they will never make it here unless summarized in bullets anyway. I am ashamed of … Continue reading

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Two going on Twenty Two

My dear Paapu, Been a while  since I wrote to you. I wasn’t away. I was right next to you, watching you grow, feeling pleased, being surprised and at times acting silly along with you 🙂 You are a little … Continue reading

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The husband had to attend a close family function and flew off to India for a couple of weeks. And, oh, he took Paapu along too. It took a day or two to sink in that…that I am SINGLE right … Continue reading

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