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Love finds it’s way

Jon and I worked in the same department. Although we worked from different offices/cities, there was always an email here or a call there that kept us connected. Jon, although at 48, had the energy and enthusiasm of someone much … Continue reading

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Letter to the one year old

The first letter to the Six year old finally out here, this one is the next letter to the baby boy as promised 🙂 ———– Dear Donut, I have seen your sister – from being a teeny baby to the … Continue reading

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Letter to my Six year old

I have two letters – one for my six year old girl and the other for the one year old boy. Life has been quite full and moving really fast. Before I gather my thoughts, the hurrying winds of time has scattered … Continue reading

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Pura Vida! in Costa Rica

Every once a while, you go through experiences that are so rich, abundant with life , that it seems vain to try and describe them. Living through the days of vacation in the country of Costa Rica was one such … Continue reading

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