2– Kudos! Corner

From: The adorable , DewDropDream, who is the queen of vocabulary, and also, well, the queen of PJ’s too 😉

She said of me: “Wish you’d be around more often!!!”

From: The darling Dee, who is one of my most dearest friend on the virtual world.An absolutely honest human being  🙂

She said of me: “She is soo happy, I feel like hugging someone whenever I read her posts.. It makes me feel so real..”

Also From: The witty and charming  Clueless Gal, who is anything but clueless!

She said of me: “My fellow MTB blogger! We both are barely a month apart in our pregnancies (I think) and I love to hear what she has to say because it resonates so much with me!”

From: The beautiful Roop, not just from the outside, beautiful from the inside:)

She said of me: ” I don’t see a facade in her writing either. She writes for the sake of sharing and I love that! You rock, woman!”

From: The adorable Comfy, whose posts are always a dose of heart warming sweetdish. Really! 🙂

She said of me: “The winner of the caption contest are…AHK..Enjoy your badge ladies!”.

( Erm , what? It was a badge contest and I won. Counts right? ) 😀


3 Responses to 2– Kudos! Corner

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  2. Yes yes they count for sure 😀

    Congratulations..and here is too adding many more awards to your corner 🙂

  3. Nu says:

    “Cool. You got all this-a?”

    now whaat ?? you only said you won’t mind if I typed this know 😉

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